Cyanuric Acid for Pools

What is Cyanuric Acid? Cyanuric acid bonds to chlorine, giving it a protective shield against the sun’s U.V. rays. But it’s a double-edged sword for swimming pools. As a pool owner, know that cyanuric acid is not allowed in indoor … Read More

Winter Flowers

Best Winter Flowers for Your Austin Yard Southern gardeners have a wonderful choice in winter flowers to brighten up their homes curb appeal or commercial landscapes. It’s always best to get an early start in planting before soil temperatures drop … Read More

Pool Inspection Checklist

Buying a Home with an Inground Pool? Here’s Your 13-Point Pool Inspection Checklist. You’ll want to avoid unexpected pool repair costs if possible, especially after moving into your new dream home. Before you buy, follow this do-it-yourself pool inspection guide … Read More

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