Pest Control

Close-up of several ants on a textured surface in YardDoc Austin TX, showcasing their shiny brown bodies and distinct segments.


12 Fun Facts About Termites

12 Cool Facts You’ll Be Glad to Know About Termites! You’ll be surprised by some of these fun termite facts (especially #9). Impress your neighbors, use as conversation starters at …

A close-up of a mosquito feeding on human skin, displaying its red abdomen filled with blood against a blurred YardDoc Austin TX background.


Preventing Diseases from Ticks, Mosquitoes, and Fleas in Austin, TX

Reduce Your Risk of Disease from Ticks, Mosquitoes, and Fleas Organisms that can transmit diseases to people are called vectors. The best known or most notorious vectors are ticks, …

A brown rat cautiously sipping water from a reflective surface in a YardDoc-managed yard in Austin, TX, with sunlight casting highlights on its wet fur.


When Nothing Else Helps: Pesticide Application in Austin, TX Homes

Successful Pesticides Application as the Last Step Many pest exterminators come out to your property, spray toxic pesticides, and move on to their next appointment. But pesticide application…

A worn broom with a red brush lies on a paved path in YardDoc Austin TX, surrounded by freshly swept green garden debris and a few scattered leaves.


DIY Pest Control: Safe and Effective Methods

Do It Yourself Pest Control Tips (Without Pesticides) The YardDoc philosophy for do it yourself pest control involves minimizing chemical applications by incorporating non-chemical approaches. Follow this formula: Sanitization (clean …

A shallow, narrow water channel filled with stagnant water and leaves under a bridge, viewed from a low angle with a blurred railing in the foreground in YardDoc Austin TX.


Understanding the Risks of Pests in Your Gutters

How Do I Keep Bugs, Birds, Rats, and Critters out of my Rain Gutters? Many homeowners don’t realize their gutters are infested with bugs and critters who wreak havoc, damage …

Close-up of a grey rat with white paws on a wooden surface in YardDoc Austin TX, facing the camera with alert eyes.


Getting Rid of Rats in Central Austin, TX

How to Get Rid of Rats Rats live on every continent except Antarctica. Wherever human beings settle, rats thrive. By perfectly adapting themselves to our modern, urban environments they ensure …

A tranquil YardDoc garden scene in Austin, TX, with lush green foliage around a small, circular water basin set among pebbles and brickwork, reflecting light.


Getting Rid of Mosquitoes in Austin, TX: 13 Essential Tips

13 Tips for Getting Rid of Mosquitoes in Your Yard Here are some easy mosquito control measures you can do at home. It’s important to be proactive as West Nile …

A close-up of a mosquito feeding on human skin, with sharp focus on its detailed features against a vivid green blurred background in YardDoc Austin TX.


What Attracts Mosquitoes in Austin, TX: Understanding Their Behavior

Why Are Mosquitoes Bugging You? Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying pests that we contend with at YardDoc. Not only are they everywhere, but they carry disease that can …

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