YardDoc adopts a holistic approach to deter pests from entering our personal spaces. Visit our blog to learn more about non-chemical pest control.

Pesticides Application

Successful Pesticides Application as the Last Step Many pest exterminators come out to your property, spray toxic pesticides, and move on to their next appointment. But pesticide application is a … Read More

Do it Yourself Pest Control

DIY Pest Control Without Pesticides The YardDoc philosophy for do-it-yourself pest control involves minimizing chemical applications by incorporating non-chemical approaches. Follow this formula: Sanitization (clean up) Exclusion (close up, mesh, … Read More

Critter Removal

Hearing Noises in the Attic or Your Walls?You May Need Critter Removal Critters and insects are driven by weather changes to seek shelter from the heat and cold. Our living … Read More