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Our motto and guarantee: professional service and personal care. You'll appreciate superb communication and experienced technicians. YardDoc is licensed, certified, and insured, with dozens of customer reviews.

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Exterior Home Services to Save You Time and Money

Tired of devoting your weekends to lawn and landscape care? Had enough of getting eaten alive by bugs every time you step outside?

You can enjoy your Cedar Park yard again. Just call YardDoc. One call gets you access to a full suite of services designed to transform your yard into a relaxing, beautiful place where you'll actually want to spend your time.

Professional Service. Personal Care.
Reliable, knowledgeable technicians. Responsive above-and-beyond dedication.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Enjoy peace of mind. If we make a mistake, we make it right. Let us earn your trust.
Get the Job Done Right
One-stop shop for handling everything outside your home smoothly and at a reasonable price.
Adrian Fowler - Owner - YardDoc Team
Adrian Fowler, CEO

Why Choose the YardDoc Cedar Park Dream Team?

✓ Consistent Communication
You get email or text appointment reminders and an email detailing our work after each service visit.

✓ Safety
Branded vehicle tracking, uniforms, and employee background checks are a few ways we put your safety first.

✓ Comprehensively Insured
We've got you covered for physical and property accidents during our visits.

✓ Certifications
The team is professionally trained, certified, and experienced.

✓ Proven Reliability
Hundreds of third-party customer reviews.

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Great Company, Great Service!
I have used Yard Doc for our pool service for many years. We had gone through 4 different pool companies before using them and they have continually been professional, timely, and always solving my complicated pool problems. They even taught me "Pool School"! Great company, great owner, great service!
Brandi F.

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Environmentally Sensitive
Professional and easy to work with; I especially like the environmentally sensitive approach to mosquito containment.
Jewell P.

Cedar Park, TX Yard Services

Organic Pest Control

For several years now, authorities have found West Nile virus in Cedar Park mosquitoes. Scorpions are an issue too, along with ants, roaches, rats and mice, and spiders. Wasps will try hard to build their nests all around your home, threatening you with their painful stings.

Pest control in Cedar Park isn't a luxury. It's a necessity for your health and safety. Fortunately, pest control doesn't have to be hard. We start where Cedar Park Animal Control ends. Our holistic pest control methods allow you to enjoy a bug-free yard without having to worry about harsh chemicals or poisons. Our methods have proven themselves to be highly effective over the years, so you can feel confident about calling us. We'll also humanely trap and relocate critters and urban wildlife.

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Mulching - Landscaping Services - Bee Cave TX - YardDoc


You deserve a landscape design that lets you relax, enjoy time with friends, and have a functional yard in our beautiful Cedar Park weather. If what you have instead is a ragged mess or a high maintenance headache, YardDoc can help.

Our team will install, design, and maintain your landscape for you. We manage plants, patio and pathway projects. We install pergolas, water features, and outdoor kitchens. We can even offer xeriscaping for those who want a true low-maintenance garden that they can enjoy year round.

YardDoc makes it easy for you to have a landscape you can be proud of.

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Lawn Care

It's hard to take pride in a lawn that is brown, patchy, invaded by grubs or moles, or overgrown. Yet you're already buried beneath a mountain of obligations. You just don't have time or energy to manage your lawn.

Now you only need to make a single phone call to ensure your lawn looks great year round. YardDoc aerates, edges, fertilizes, mows, mulches, weeds, and aerates your lawn. We're licensed irrigation contractors. We install fresh sod where necessary and use our holistic pest control methods to keep grubs from killing your grass. We even repair sprinkler systems!

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Pool Service Bee Cave TX - Pool Cleaning for Your Family - YardDoc

Pool Service

Do you spend more time cleaning and managing your pool than you do enjoying it? You worked hard for a home with a pool, and you should get to spend more time swimming in it!

YardDoc full service pool care is the answer. We keep your pool clean, change out the filters, and manage the chemical balance for you. We even provide pool repairs and renovations when necessary.

Go right ahead and schedule that pool party. We'll make sure it's ready for your guests!

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Handyman Services

A thousand little home care tasks can pile up in the blink of an eye. Drywall needs to be patched. Fences need to be cleaned and stained. The gutters must be cleared, and the exterior of your home needs a fresh coat of paint.

It used to be hard to find a handyman, someone who would take on smaller projects. Not anymore. YardDoc takes on all those handyman jobs on your honey do list you used to call all over town for. We make it easy to get beautiful results on any home maintenance or improvement project.

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Handyman Services - Honey Do List - YardDoc - Barton Creek, TX - Framing up storage shed
Handyman Services - YardDoc - Bee Cave, TX - Holiday lights on tree and gazebo

Holiday Light Installation

Want to be part of Cedar Park holiday festivities by draping your home with beautiful lights? Yet, you don't want all the work associated with unpacking them, untangling them, checking them, hanging them, and taking them down in just a few weeks.

You don't have to! YardDoc will take care of all these tasks for you. We use energy-efficient LED lighting, and we'll even pack the lights away and store them for you.

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Why YardDoc?

Many other Cedar Park residents have trusted us with their homes. We're professionals with integrity who care about the quality of our work, and it shows. We make it easy and convenient to manage your home and yard.

Contact us to schedule a free estimate today, and give us the chance to earn your business long-term. We promise you won't be disappointed!

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