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There are a few considerations to think about when deciding on fence installation. The cost range between different materials, the quality and variety of the materials, the height and the design of the fence can be huge contributing factors. There are many styles of fences to choose from as well.

Fence Installation

  • If you are wanting a less common height or width of pickets this could mean they might be a special order.
  • You will want to choose a material that is durable against the elements, if you decide on wood, it should be treated.
  • Another thing to consider is the purpose of the fence. For instance, is it to provide a higher level of security or privacy? Then it could also be used for an aesthetic item around a fence or garden, to separate property lines.

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Fence Repair

Sometimes a fence could appear to be worth salvaging or reusing materials and replacing only a couple of posts or pickets, However this is not ideal. The posts would have to be placed in the exact spot they were before. The cement they are set in would all need to be dug out and new holes made. It would be better to install the new posts on one side of the fence in between the existing posts so they would hold the fence in place and provide extra stability.


The look of this option may not be ideal as some of the posts will be brand new and others will be old and worn. The extra money spent on a new fence will be worth it, it will look good and last longer.

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When a fence is completed, your lawn should look the same as it did prior to the install, the only exception is the great looking fence.


There should only be the dirt that was dug out for the post holes. It should be left in neat piles along the perimeter of the lawn, a specific designated area or taken. A properly installed fence should look like it is part of the landscape.


Lastly, don’t forget to think about your neighbors as it can be a disruptive process. Letting them know you are building a fence is a basic courtesy and will be much less likely to have any problems with it If the fence is separating the properties line, they may also help pay for the fence.


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