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Interior, Exterior, and Cabinet Handyman Painting Services

Depend on our talented team of craftspeople for your house painting needs. Professional Service – Personal Care is our focus to bring your vision to life and restore health and beauty to your home.

Besides painting, YardDoc offers light remodeling indoors and exterior projects like concrete, decks, and fences.

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Exterior Painters, Carpenters, and Handyman Services

Does your wood, aluminum, vinyl, brick, or stucco siding need some structural maintenance? We repair and paint exteriors. Our craftspeople also build, repair, and stain gazebos, pergolas, porches, decks, and outbuildings. Curb appeal is only one benefit YardDoc painters provide, learn more about us here. We’ll check for water damage, mold and mildew, pest issues, energy loss, and repair needs.


One primary reason to invest in exterior painting for your home is protection. A quality paint coating decreases ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun and moisture issues caused by Austin’s weather patterns. Take advantage of our gutter cleaning service to further protect your siding, foundation, and landscaping.


Exterior Painting Preparation

The exterior of your home is thoroughly prepared by our carpenters and painters.

  • Protection of your landscaping and outdoor belongings.
  • Pressure washing to remove dirt, mildew, and debris.
  • Repair of damaged or rotting wood and siding.
  • Sanding, caulking, and smoothing surfaces.
  • Priming as necessary.


We use environmentally responsible paint products from trusted manufacturers. Freshen your exterior paint color scheme and restore your home to health. Call us back before the holiday season for gorgeous, energy-efficient holiday lighting installation.

Interior Painters for Walls and Ceilings

You may be renovating, remodeling, preparing your home for sale, or simply redecorating. Interior painting is an affordable way to transform the look of any room. Learn how professional painting versus DIY gives you value-packed results. Our high-quality paint products protect the drywall of your walls and ceiling, and improve indoor air quality.


Interior Painting Services

Count on consistent communication and a professional finish. We use low- or zero-VOC paint products to honor the environment and reduce fumes and odor.

  • Preparation of the space to include protecting flooring and furniture.
  • Drywall repair and light carpentry. Note that we can install crown molding, trim, and baseboard as requested.
  • Application of primer and the interior paint colors you’ve chosen.
  • Meticulous cleanup and a final inspection to complete the project.


To prepare for your interior painting project, don’t worry about moving furniture – we can handle the heavy lifting for you. But please remove breakable or valuable items, wall hangings, and window treatments.

Cabinet Painters and Light Remodeling

Kitchen cabinet refinishing transforms the look and feel of the most used room in your house. Save thousands of dollars by staining or painting cabinets rather than replacing them. We can also upgrade cabinet hinges and hardware.


Enjoy brighter, fresher, lovely cabinetry in a luxurious finish that’s durable enough to last for years. YardDoc makes the art of cabinet refinishing fast, economical, and stylish. Additional handyman services enhance your project, and help you cross items off your honey do list. Give your kitchen or bathroom an affordable makeover to include drywall work and flooring, backsplash, countertop, and vanity installation.

Fresh paint is an affordable handyman project that triggers immediate home improvement value. It enhances your home’s curb appeal, protects interior and exterior surfaces, and gives your house a fabulous new look.


Browse our handyman project gallery, view FAQs, and check out dozens of customer reviews.


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