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Professional Painters or DIY Painting?

A fresh coat of paint is a great way to enhance the appearance of any room in your house, so do you hire professional painters or do it yourself?

Handyman Services - Kitchen Interior Painting - Blue White Cabinets - YardDocYes, it seems more expensive to hire a professional handyman. However, you will get a higher quality paint job and it will save you a lot of time.

It is time-consuming getting all the materials needed, removing any furniture, preparing, washing and painting the areas.

You will need to buy the primer, paint, all brushes/rollers, trays, drop cloths, and tape, whereas a professional painter will arrive with the materials needed for the project.

Cost to hire a painter relies on a few factors:

  • Area of your home to paint.
  • Type of painting needed.
  • Painter’s experience.

Location of Project

Is the location of the painting inside or outside? Inside will have solid floors, reachable ceilings, uniformly bright light, and temperatures. Outside, however, the ground can be uneven, making it difficult to set ladders or reach overhangs. Dew, wind, rain, or other natural elements could impact the painting process or the wet paint.

Do you want one room painted or the entire house? One or two stories? One coat of paint in one room or minor touch-ups can be considered reasonable to the DIYer. However, multiple rooms that include moving/covering furniture, prepping/sanding the walls and trims, drywall repairs, and reaching high areas would be best left for professional painters.

Type of Job

Handyman Services - Professional Painters - Blue and Red Accent Walls w White Trim - YardDocWhat type of job are you wanting? This includes but is not limited to accent walls, specific designs or textures, applying the same color, or making dramatic color changes. These considerations can affect the cost and time for a professional.

The layout of the space can also be a factor to consider. Unobstructed walls can be done quickly with a roller. In contrast, rooms with larger baseboards, detailed window casings, and cornice molding will require more time and effort. A lot of trimming, cabinets, and shelves will need more precision and brushwork, therefore taking more time.

A Painter's Experience

When hiring professional painters, low prices don't necessarily mean it will be lousy work. Companies that perform top-quality work can often quote low. Asking for a detailed proposal is a good way to know how the work will be done.

A company that does a thorough and good job will be happy to include details such as prep work, if they are providing the paint; then the paint specs by brand name, color and product number, number of coats needed, any materials needed and a full description of the work to be done.

To make the job go as smoothly as possible, it is good practice to do your part by clearing the area before the work is to start. Have access and entry areas free from clutter, knickknacks, and small items packed up, cars out of the garage or driveway, and have a parking spot that is close for the painter with all his supplies. Workers should be ok to help with large items if they need moving.

YardDoc's handyman services include talented professional painters experienced in both interiors and exteriors. Contact us for a free house painting estimate, so that we can help cross this item off your honey-do-list.