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Pool Filtration Run Times

The consistent heat and occasional rainstorms make August a good month to increase your pool filtration run times. We suggest setting them to at least 12 hours a day. Save yourself the hassle and let us do it during your regular pool service.

Conserve Pool Water

High temperatures mean water evaporating from your pool. YardDoc offers a pet-friendly, kid-safe, cost-effective solution. We add a liquid product that forms a nano-coating on the water’s surface and reduces evaporation.

During your regular swimming pool maintenance or cleaning, let us help you save money on your water bills.

Irrigation: Seasonal Adjustment

During hot, dry stretches – like now – your yard experts suggest adjusting water schedules. It is best to increase your seasonal adjustment to 100%. We can adjust it for you while we check your irrigation sprinkler system.

Mulching: Special Offer

Have you mulched yet? It’s not too late. Save water and protect what you use from evaporation to save your plants. This month, YardDoc’s lawn care professionals will mulch for you at $6 a bag laid.

Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control Mosquito Baiting System - Austin TX - YardDocHeat and increased watering often create an ideal environment for attracting mosquitoes to your yard.

We are having great success with our mosquito baiting system. Baiting only kills mosquitoes, leaving other friendly insects and beneficial pollinators to do their job in your garden and yard.

Best of all, it works better and lasts longer than fogging.

Featured Gallery: Xeriscaping

Xeriscape Landscaping - YardDoc - Austin, TX - Riverbed rock landscapingWe have mentioned the heat and lack of rain. Austin has many of these hot, dry stretches, which make xeriscape landscaping a great option.

We combine river rock with drought-resistant plants for a unique take on this beautiful landscaping style. Take a look at our featured xeriscape gallery for August to see river inspired gardens and much more.

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