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Landscaping and Lawncare

Tree Trimming

Landscaping Service - YardDoc - North Austin, TX - Man trimming branch from treeFrom February 1st to June 21st, the risk of Oak Wilt heightens. Due to this, trimming live Oaks is not recommended between these dates.

If you need trimming done in January, let us know. We are happy to get you on the schedule.

Pre-Emergent Weed Treatment

Landscaping Service - YardDoc - North Austin, TX - Dandelion WeedsTo boost your lawn’s health and control weeds proactively, we offer pre-emergent weed treatments. Depending on the weather, we will perform these treatments and lawn fertilization between January 21st and February 14th.

We are happy to hear from you if you need to add this service.


Landscaping Service - YardDoc - Austin, TX - Green plant with mulchDuring Winter, mulch helps to protect your plants and their root systems. Now is a good time for mulching, to ensure a beautiful yard when Spring comes around again.

Critter Control

Pest Control - YardDoc - Austin, TX - Hearing critters in the house - Brown mouseAre you hearing scratching in the attic?

When the weather gets colder, critters seek refuge in warm areas protected from the elements. Especially if that area offers easy access to food and water. If you have unwanted critter boarders and you need a hand relocating, let us know.

Freeze Tips

Handyman Services - YardDoc - Austin, TX - Dripping Outdoor Water TapIf your outdoor taps and water pipes are exposed, remember to let the taps drip very slightly. This lets warmer water move through your pipes and resist freezing as it gets colder. When the temperature is cold enough, it also helps prevent pipes bursting when the water freezes.

If you do not have a functional freeze guard on your pool, remember to set your timers to begin at 4 AM through the coldest part of the winter. On the night of a freeze, set your pool equipment to run through the night.

Featured Gallery

Landscaping Services - Landscape Design Home Services - Austin TX - YardDocThinking of freezing has pathways on our minds.

If you have a pathway, remember to keep it clear and safe this winter. If you need to update or add some, check out our pathways gallery for some ideas of what we can do for you.

Happy New Year

Holiday Lighting - YardDoc - North Austin, TX - Happy New Year FireworksFrom all of us here at YardDoc, have a happy New Year. We look forward to continuing our relationship and your services throughout 2020.

Speaking of the new year, if you haven’t gotten around to taking down your holiday lights, contact us for any help you need with removal and storage.

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