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June 2021 Seasonal Offers!

YardDoc offers safe organic pest control to keep your kids and pets safe.

100% Organic Pest Control!

We offer a range of pest control solutions to solve your problems, from 100% organic to more than 98% organic. Let us design a pest solution tailored to your needs.

Pulling weeds is back breaking work. YardDoc manages the weeds for you.

Weeds in your lawn?

We can help with a spot treatment from one of our certified lawn and ornamental technicians.

Spend your time with your family instead of doing handman chores

How’s that Honey-Do-List coming along?

Let one of our handymen take this task off your plate!

Pest Control - YardDoc - Cedar Park, TX - Mosquito Control Measures - Spraying Insect Repellent on Child's Skin

Don’t want mosquitoes?

Mosquito baiting is the most effective and environmentally safe mosquito management system available!

Lawn Care - YardDoc - Bee Cave, TX - Lawn Garden Edging - Garden with topsoil wagon shovel

It’s going to get hot. Mulching now before the heat sets in is a good idea!

We can help clean up mulch and do an irrigation system walk-through to ensure your garden is prepared for summer.

From Pest Control, Pool Services, Handyman Services, Landscape Maintenance and Installations, Tree Trimming, Irrigation Repairs, Outdoor Lighting, Holiday Lighting, Rock Work, or Power Washing, we're here to help!

Additionally, if you are so kind as to recommend our services and we sign up a new customer, we give you an equivalent MONTH's FREE SERVICE!


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