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Landscaping Services

Are you thinking about preparing your lawn and garden for Spring? Here at YardDoc, we are excited to help.

Landscape Installation

Landscaping Service - YardDoc - West Lake Hills, TX - Mulch in bags next to gardenNow is the right time to start your plantings. No matter which step you’re on, designing your landscape, installing new greenery, or filling in beds to replace last year’s annuals, our experts are ready to help.

Pre-Emergent Weed Treatment

Landscaping Service - YardDoc - North Austin, TX - Dandelion WeedsIt is also the right time to get your weeds managed before they grow out of control. We perform this service in conjunction with fertilization services. Together they create healthier turf, strengthening the grass before growing season begins.

Irrigation Services

Lawn Irrigation - YardDoc - Water Sprinkler SystemLet us know if you would like a pre-season sprinkler system check. On this walkthrough, we will ensure your irrigation system is functioning as it should.

Mosquito Control

Pest Control - YardDoc - Austin, TX - Mosquito biting skinMosquito season is in full swing, as of now. Thankfully, so is our mosquito control service. If you haven’t seen them yet, remember, it’s better to get these pests under control before they start breeding on your property.

Talk to us about which of our various control methods is right for you and your yard.

Our preferred method is mosquito baiting. Our baiting is the most effective and environmentally friendly solution on the market. One of the biggest benefits is, it only kills the mosquitos and the not beneficial pollinators.

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Pool Services

Pool Maintenance - YardDoc - Austin, TX - Cleaning leaves from pool with netSoon, leaves and pollen will start falling into your pool. Remember to prevent equipment damage by regularly emptying skimmer baskets. Organic matter entering the water may cause your pool to go off-color. If it does, don’t panic. We can provide the right chemical treatments to restore proper color and clarity.

Pool Remodels

Pool Resurfacing - YardDoc - Austin, TX - Worker Tiling Pool StepsGet your pool ready for the season. Do you need your pool replastered? Do your tiles, or rockwork need help? Maybe your lights need repair or replacement. Our pool remodeling services can help with any of these issues.

Heater Repair

Pool Heater Repair - YardDoc - Austin, TX - Boy shivering in cold poolThe best time to take care of a problem is before it becomes a problem. It is a good time to get your pool heater cleaned and inspected. Let us know if you would like to schedule this service.

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Featured Gallery

Austin TX Swimming Pool Maintenance, Pool Cleaners - YardDocEvery month we bring you a featured gallery. With the onset of Spring, we are thinking about pools. Take a look at the pictures and let us know if they inspire you for remodels, repairs, or just setting up pool cleaning services.

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