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Lawn Care

October is a great time to prepare your lawn for Fall and Winter.

Pre-Emergent Weed Treatment

YardDoc - Austin, TX - Weed Control - DandelionsHelp ease ongoing weed management. Pre-emergent weed treatment stops seeds before they get a chance to develop roots and grow into invasive plants. We will begin performing this service this month.

We also provide spot treatment for broadleaf and grassy weeds if you have existing issues.

Grub Worm Treatment

Lawn Pest Control - Yard Doc - Cedar Park, TX - Grub worm and Leaf Spot combinedDo you have any of these problems?

  • Critters digging up your yard
  • Expanding patches of dead grass
  • Dead grass that pulls up like a carpet

All are signs that you likely have a grubworm issue. Let us know if we can help you manage any of these issues for you.

It is approaching the time of year when those critters also try to sneak into your house. Feel free to ask us about other holistic pest management options.


As the days get shorter it is the perfect time for Landscape Lighting. We have a range of lighting options for you, whether you need repairs, additions, or a new installation.

With the upcoming festive season, our featured Handyman Service is Holiday Lighting.

Contact us for help with any or all steps in the process. Planning, installing, removing, and storing, we can do it all.

Pool Maintenance

Pool Remodels

As we head into the offseason, you may notice flaws in your pool. Get ready for Spring now. We cover all aspects of pool remodeling:

Pool Remodel and Replastering - Lakeway, TX

  • Re-plastering
  • Tiling
  • Pool coping
  • Pool lighting
  • Spas and surrounds

We have you covered.

Pool Cleaning

With leaves falling, be sure you pay close attention to your pool skimmer baskets. Cleaning the baskets daily helps clear clogs that starve the pool motors of water. This can cause overheating and equipment damage. Extend the life of your equipment; keep your baskets clear.

Featured Gallery

andscaping - YardDoc - Austin, TX - CourtyardSpeaking of lighting makes us think of features on your property to illuminate and places to hang flowers or holiday decor.

Check out or Courtyard Landscaping Gallery for some examples that look good all year.

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