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Best Winter Flowers for Your Austin Yard

Southern gardeners have a wonderful choice in winter flowers to brighten up their homes curb appeal or commercial landscapes. It's always best to get an early start in planting before soil temperatures drop to 40 degrees.

Though the mention of winter sounds drab, the Austin gardener can enjoy the enhancements of beautiful colored flowers. Here are some safe choices for cooler months in Texas.

Cyclamen Winter Flowers

Cyclamen Winter Flowers - Austin TX Landscaping - Reds, Pinks, Fuschia - YardDoc 600x400Cyclamen accentuate your landscape, and they are very hardy. Choose from wonderful colors including red, pink, white, and deep lavender.

A solid planting of a color or a mix of pigments embellishes any yard. Their brilliant leaf color and heart-shaped blooms give that extra punch of visual stimulation. Enjoy this plant from late October through late April for a long-lasting show of cheer.

Tips for Cyclamen
Remember not to over-water Cyclamen - less is more and use a good sprinkler system. Alson, use a good super bloom fertilizer with a high middle number like 12/55/6 NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium). These gorgeous plants also have a beautiful scent, so make sure to stop and smell them often.

Pansy Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers for Texas Homeowners - Pansies in the Backyard - YardDoc 600x400Winter flowers that are always a mainstay in Austin landscapes are pansies. We call them flowers with the beautiful faces. You have limitless options to achieve your vision.

These flowers come in a variety of colors like solid yellows, dark blues, deep purples, and whites. Planting pansies in masses of solid color is brilliant for any home or commercial landscape. You could grow all yellows with a border of blues, or all blues with a band of whites, or even a red, white, and blue arrangement. You can also choose pansies with a dark tone accent in the center to put a touching finish on these already beautiful winter flowers.

Tips for Pansies
Before planting pansies, we recommend putting your super bloom fertilizer in the hole under the plant. Give them that extra boost to keep the pansies from starving. Plus, they bloom twice as much. Pansies are a very hardy plant that can survive Austin's occasional snap freezes. They look frozen and like they're going to die, but they zip back to life and smile at you.

We also recommend planting pansies 7 to 10 inches apart. They grow or spread 9 to 12 inches and get to a height of about 9 inches. Remember to water often. One of the most common reasons pansies fail is because of under-watering, the opposite of Cyclamen. To encourage more blooming, we suggest you deadhead. Deadheading means removing the old bloom to encourage much more flowering.

The pansy symbolizes thinking or thoughts. The word comes from the French pensée, meaning thought. Enjoy thoughtful moments with your winter flowers.

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