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Plan Your Front or Backyard Landscape Design

We have a qualified landscape architect on our team, who with your input, can create a landscape that matches your wants. A well-planned and meticulously installed landscape design is within your reach when you partner with the YardDoc landscaping team. Our services include artificial grass, plants, shrubs, trees, irrigation systems, hardscapes (pavers, patios, pathways, outdoor kitchens, BBQ islands, fire pits, Xeriscapes, and more), landscape lighting, and pool landscaping.

Personal preference plays a large role in landscape design. Some people gravitate toward lush green landscaping, while others have grown to prefer Xeriscape. Beyond your vision for a beautiful, functional yard, you’ll have limitations to keep in mind including climate, style, wildlife, and the local surroundings. Learn more about us and how we can help you work around these limitations.

A wooden pergola over a stone patio in a backyard with a tall privacy fence and suburban houses in the background. Green grass and flowering bushes are visible, maintained by YardDoc Austin TX.
A serene garden pathway lined with large, flat stepping stones in YardDoc Austin TX, surrounded by lush greenery and vibrant pink and green plants, leading to a light stone wall.
A YardDoc Austin TX backyard features a wooden deck leading to a small, empty pool under renovation, surrounded by large plant pots, a palm tree, and lush greenery. A dog lies on the grass in the sunlight.

Landscape Design Considerations

HOA or POA Restrictions

Many neighborhood HOAs or POAs have restrictions on plant material. This is to keep similar plant materials throughout a neighborhood and sometimes to help ensure that people are making smart plant choices, whether native or adapted.

Deer and Other Wildlife

Consider the wildlife in your area when making plant selections. For instance, during a drought, deer will graze on plants that are normally "deer-resistant". They will feed on plants that aren't usually at risk.

Soil Type

In Central Texas, we only plant native and adapted plants to help reduce the struggle to keep them alive and healthy. The hill country is known for having very little soil. It’s also high Alkali soil (clay with a high pH and poor infiltration), which poses challenges for any landscape design. Trees are especially hard to install, mostly due to the magnitude of rocks in the area. You can drive 30 minutes through Austin and see secluded pockets of different trees, all of which thrive in different soil types.

Austin's Summer Heat and Water Conservation

Xeriscape has been growing in popularity because of our growing water restrictions. One advantage of this is a significant savings in water conservation. If plants are chosen wisely and installed correctly, you can have a beautiful landscape design that requires very little to no water (except the rain that we get). Long hot summers also necessitate careful plant selections. You can choose lush, green, and drought-tolerant plants, some of which provide great seasonal color.

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Expand your living space in the backyard to fit your lifestyle whether it’s for gardening, entertaining, or a relaxing retreat

Take the first step in creating front yard curb appeal that welcomes visitors, provides security, and looks gorgeous. We’d be happy to meet with you, listen to your wants and needs list, and discuss options. Check out our front and backyard landscaping ideas gallery. Take a look at our happy customer reviews.

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