Benefits of YardDoc's Landscape Lighting Service for Austin Homeowners

YardDoc's landscaping lighting service combines beauty, function, and environmental protection. We offer a customized, budget-friendly experience.

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Here are a few good reasons to add professional landscape lighting to your home.

Security and Safety

Austin neighborhoods provide streetlights, but they don’t illuminate your driveway or sidewalk. Nor do they help guide you safely to your front door. Landscape lighting deters wildlife and criminals who may take cover in dark areas.

YardDoc evaluates the exterior of your property. We talk to you about your wishes and concerns. Then, we present a custom landscape lighting design. You have many options to choose from depending on your needs, such as:

  • A timed or smart home system.
  • Motion sensor security lights.
  • Photocell switches that automatically turn on when it gets dark.
  • Remote control systems that run from your phone or tablet.

Curb Appeal and Added Value

The primary benefit of outdoor lighting when you sell your home is curb appeal and the speed in which it will sell. Studies show that well-designed landscape lighting can increase your home's value by up to 20%.

YardDoc's landscaping lighting service blends a practical application with elegance and style. Use it as a selling point when it's time to move.

Accent Your Home’s Features

Give your home a landscape lighting design that brings out its best features. YardDoc uses several creative techniques. For instance, we can create breathtaking effects such as backlighting, up-lighting, and down-lighting for shadows and ambiance.

Highlight trees, pathways, gardens, patios, and your spa or pool landscaping. Add colored lights and keep it green by using energy-efficient LED lighting.

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YardDoc's Landscape Lighting Service for Dark Sky Environments

We are careful to design landscape lighting systems that diminish night sky brightness. Austin and some surrounding cities enforce an exterior lighting ordinance for a good reason.

Light pollution impacts the health of humans and wildlife, disrupting ecosystems. As this runs counter to the necessity for a green, sustainable future, YardDoc is committed to environmental protection. You'll experience this in our organic pest control methods, pool service, and landscaping choices.

Our landscape lighting service ensures you will enjoy a safe, secure, inviting atmosphere. We protect your outdoor environment and adjacent residents. Our designs reduce light pollution (also called sky glow) and light trespass (light shining across property lines).

There are many fixtures (ex. fully louvered or "hooded") to choose from. You can illuminate your home’s exterior beautifully without pointing lights upward.

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Our landscaping services include:

Austin's Most Eco-Friendly Landscape Lighting Service

Lighting has come a long way from hot burning halogen lamps with high wattage use. Most systems are a warm-colored efficient LED. Many have the capability of using Bluetooth or WiFi to control the light’s color and dimming ability.

Your YardDoc expert is thorough in helping you realize your vision. Tell us what you want to achieve. We will evaluate power sources, transformer capability, and environmental conditions. Then we'll make recommendations within your budget. The goal is to create a landscape lighting design you'll appreciate for years to come.

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