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Custom Outdoor Kitchens in Austin, TX

The Practical and Stylish Outdoor Kitchen

Does it surprise you to learn that an outdoor kitchen in the backyard can save you time and money for years to come? And on a practical level, everyday food preparation and eating is easier, cleaner, and healthier. In fact, building an open-air cookery into your landscaping plan will get a lot of use as compared to a stand-alone grill.

Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

The most obvious benefit is the pleasure of entertaining family and friends outside. Here are a few more benefits you might not realize.

Save Money (and eat healthier)

Restaurants don’t have the allure they used to when you’ve got a grill, counter and storage space, and even a mini-refrigerator at your fingertips. All in the privacy of your backyard while you enjoy the beautiful Austin weather. And restaurant food usually isn’t as healthy as home cooking.

Save Time (while making memories)

Grilling is quick, easy, and fun. There are less ingredients and less dishes to wash. Clean-up is a breeze. An outdoor kitchen is a family affair when everyone is participating and there’s plenty of space.

Expand Your Culinary Repertoire (even if you don't like cooking)

A BBQ grill can handle far more than meat. You can make main dishes, side dishes, and desserts (there are literally thousands of free Texas BBQ recipes online). Take your grilling expertise on the road for camping, RVing, or grill-outs at the homes of family and friends.

A modern YardDoc outdoor kitchen area in Austin, TX, featuring a built-in grill and a bar under a pergola, surrounded by limestone walls and a small lawn with stepping stones.
A stylish outdoor patio in YardDoc Austin TX featuring a built-in barbecue, a long wooden bench, and a stone wall surrounded by lush greenery under a clear sky.
An outdoor kitchen setup with a built-in stainless steel grill, storage drawers, and countertop on a wood deck surrounded by greenery in YardDoc Austin TX.

10 Ingredients for a Fully Equipped Outdoor Kitchen

A woman in a wide-brimmed hat and blue top smiles while barbecuing in her sunny Austin, TX backyard. She is grilling various vegetables and meats on an outdoor grill.

You might consider an outdoor kitchen a luxury item in your landscape design. But think again. Texans love being outdoors and pairing it with good food – it’s part of our culture. An outdoor kitchen increases curb appeal and pays off in home value as a resale return on investment, convenience, healthier eating, more friends and family time, and a higher quality lifestyle. Building a BBQ Island or fully equipped backyard kitchen makes all the value of outdoor living achievable.


Options to Customize Your Outdoor Kitchen

  1. BBQ Grill
  2. Counter and Storage Space
  3. Electricity and Lighting
  4. Water and Sink
  5. Mini Fridge and Freezer
  6. Bar Stool Island or a Seating Wall
  7. Shade Structure (like a Pergola)
  8. Fire Pit or Backyard Fireplace
  9. Patio Pavers
  10. Music and a TV

If a full-size outdoor kitchen isn’t in your budget, consider a BBQ Island as the smart alternative. A BBQ Island provides you with a drop-in for a grill, counter and storage space, and pavers for patio seating. You can integrate additional features as your budget allows.

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