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Enhance the Pool Area with a Patio, Lights and More!

YardDoc is well known for its professional landscaping and lawn care services. But did you know we have also gained a reputation for combining our yard and pool services for beautifully stunning pool landscaping?


Your pool is more than just a place to swim. With the right landscaping, it instantly becomes your yard’s focal point. This not only adds visual appeal but also increases your home’s resale value. Create a backyard that inspires your family and guests to have fun, relax, and make memories.

Pool Landscaping for any Budget

Whatever your ideas, big or small, our team of professionals can make them a reality. And it all starts with a free consultation. We’ll happily arrange an on-site obligation-free proposal for pool landscaping services.

A serene outdoor swimming pool with clear blue water, surrounded by loungers, a shaded pavilion on the left, and houses in the background under a clear sky, serviced by YardDoc Austin TX.

Paths and Walkways

When an artist creates a painting, they carefully consider composition. They know where to place the focal point or artwork in order to lead the viewer’s eye. This draws attention to the main subject matter. Paths work similarly. They direct the eye to a particular spot or area. You can use pathways to visually lead to your pool or an area around it. Areas such as the greenery or perhaps the gazebo are great for this kind of attention.

Depending on the look you want to achieve, there are many materials to choose from. River stone and slate are excellent at giving your pool a natural look. Should you opt for brick, remember to choose a rough surface. When wet, this helps prevent potential falls.

TIP: Always choose a curvature for your path, even if it’s a slight one. As any scientist will tell you, there aren’t any perfectly straight lines in Austin’s natural environment. A curve is more eye-pleasing and mimics nature.

Two lounge chairs next to a curved pool surrounded by lush greenery and palm trees in YardDoc Austin TX, with a rocky formation and clear blue sky in the background.

Pool Landscaping with Plants and Shrubs

Plants are nature’s paint palette. Therefore, your choice of plants determines the look of your pool. Perhaps you want your pool area to represent a tropical paradise. Ferns and palms of varying heights are your go-to choices here. There is a huge variety of these species. When added to your pool landscaping, they instantly create a feeling of being on a tropical island.


Perhaps you prefer a more minimalist look, like an oasis. Succulents and cacti achieve this look for you. Choose cacti of varying heights and varieties to add drama and impact. Take care when selecting trees. Avoid varieties that are prone to dropping leaves (Deciduous). As they will ultimately end up in your pool, creating more cleaning work for your pool cleaner. Plus, wet leaves in traffic areas create the potential for a nasty fall. YardDoc can help you choose trees for your pool landscaping.

Night view from a terraced backyard in Austin, TX with lit pools and a fountain, overlooking a cityscape illuminated in the distance.

Pool Landscape Lighting

The days of lighting up your pool area with a globe switched on from the house are long gone. Today, only your imagination limits your choice of pool lighting. Colored underwater lights not only make swimming at night safer, but they also define your pool’s character. You can choose between models that remain one color or those that gently change color in a regular cycle.


LED lights installed on the sides of your pool are not only an energy-efficient safety feature but add a soft ambiance around the pool. Solar bollard and garden lights are an excellent way to showcase your greenery. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve. It’s almost always best to go for subtle, highlighting a few plants and shrubs rather than them all.

A YardDoc-designed backyard pool in Austin, TX, featuring a rock waterfall on a sunny day, surrounded by lush greenery and flowering plants.

Spas and Water Features

A water feature turns your pool from a static centerpiece into a dynamic one. A landscaped outcropping of natural rock instantly gives you a stunning waterfall feature right in your back yard.


Spas can also give your pool area a sense of action, through the motion of bubbling water. You can make your spa appear like a natural hot spring. To do this, simply choose the right exterior materials. Volcanic rocks in different shades are excellent at simulating this look and feel.

A suburban backyard in Austin, TX, featuring a well-maintained lawn, an outdoor kitchen with stainless steel appliances, a lounge chair, and a swimming pool surrounded by trees.

Fire Pits and BBQ Islands

One thing that pools do extremely well is to bring people together. That’s why pool parties are so popular. A well-positioned fire pit does a few things. Obviously, it helps to dry you off or warm you up after a swim. They also act as a gathering place, a focal point, and the start of memorable conversations.


And because food is always part of entertaining, an outdoor kitchen is an excellent addition to your pool landscaping. Place a pergola with patio furniture near your open-air cookery or create stone seating benches.

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