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Oh, how we love our dogs. There are so many benefits to including them as part of the family. But picking up after your dogs might be one of the least appealing parts of pet ownership. And since your yard should be a fun and relaxing oasis, you want it to be clean and green.

Because YardDoc is an eco-friendly company, we offer dog waste removal as an add-on service to our landscaping and lawn care solutions.

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Scoop the Poop for Healthy Lawns, Pets, People, and Our Local Environment

Unlike cows and other vegetable-eating animals whose manure acts as a fertilizer, dog poop is toxic. And it doesn’t just ‘go away’ over time. In fact, dog waste can take a year to fully decompose, leaving your lawn brown and patchy. But regular dog poop clean up can transform the health of your lawn in a matter of weeks.

Hazards to Humans

An accumulation of dog waste allows flies to breed and produces an offensive odor. But it gets worse.

Dog poop is filled with parasites and diseases that can infect humans such as Whipworms, Hookworms, Roundworms, Tapeworms, Parvo, and Salmonellosis. Diseases spread through contact with the poop, through pests like flies, soil, and water contamination. Children are most susceptible since they tend to play in the dirt and put things in their mouths. The eggs of parasites remain in the soil for years.

Hazards to Dogs

In addition to human hazards, dog poop is ripe with bacteria and parasites that only dogs catch. The parvovirus infection is just one example. This highly contagious sickness passes from dog to dog through contact with waste matter.

Hazards to Austin Waterways

As stormwater runoff flows from rooftops, over paved streets and sidewalks, and through lawns and storm drains, it collects and transports pollutants. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) includes dog waste in the same category as pesticides, oil and grease, and fertilizer. As toxins pollute the water, it causes an overgrowth of algae, damages or kills plants and fish, and results in an unsafe environment in our local recreational waters.

It is such a serious problem, that leaving dog waste on the ground is against the law by city ordinance in Austin, Texas. As a resident, you can order a free ‘Scoop the Poop’ sign.

How Does YardDoc Dog Poop Clean Up Work?

Dog Waste Removal - Austin TX - Dog Poop Cleanup - YardDocYou should remove dog waste every 1 to 7 days, depending on the size of your dog and the number of dogs in your yard.

YardDoc pooper scoopers scour your yard for waste. We clean it up and safely dispose of it for you. The frequency of visits and the cost of service varies based on your situation and needs. We work with you to determine the specifics during your initial consultation.

Of course, many times, homeowners need a one-time cleaning in the spring, as chillier or wet weather pushes this task out of mind. We are happy to discuss this option with you.

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