Sprinkler System Repair

Sprinkler System Repair Services in Austin, TX

Conserve Water While Nourishing Your Lawn

Sprinkler system repair by YardDoc keeps Austin lawns green and healthy while keeping water usage to a minimum. Our irrigation services are designed to help you maintain a beautiful landscape with energy-efficiency a top priority. See the city of Austin free water conservation tools.

Repairing sprinklers can be a challenge due to many factors ranging from the pressure of the water to the age of the system and the type of sprinkler heads being used. YardDoc can arrange an irrigation audit, and March is the perfect time to get your irrigation ready for summer. We are also experienced in installing and modifying drip irrigation.

Common Sprinkler System Problems

Here are some frequent landscape irrigation issues. We have the experience in all aspects of irrigation including valves, controllers, sprinklers, backflow preventers, and more to quickly and effectively handle any sprinkler repair or irrigation project.

Malfunctioning Sprinkler Heads

You may notice one or more sprinkler heads not popping up, spraying too much or not enough water, constantly running, or not releasing water at all.


The sprinkler head could be broken, compressed, or clogged.


Fix: YardDoc replaces damaged heads or cleans and refits dirt-clogged equipment. Once in place, we adjust the spray coverage area for correct saturation.

Low Pressure:

When water pressure is low the sprinklers on the entire system or sections of it, spit small amounts of water instead of spraying as they should. This can be a sign of serious problems that risk damage to your grass and root system.


If the entire system malfunctions, it is often caused by closed or partially closed supply valves or backflow preventer valves. Low pressure can also be caused by leaks or pipes crushed by roots or compressed soil. These pipes often produce dips, divots, or swampy ground which can cause further damage to your yard.


First, we check your valves and adjust them to ensure correct flow. We then search for leaks, repair damaged piping, and eliminate leaks and cracks. When we find crushed pipes, we replace the damaged length. If this occurred due to tree roots, we may need to retrench and redirect the pipes to prevent future damage.

Zones Not Working

One of the easiest sprinkler problems to see, an entire section or your complete system, stops working.


These are normally caused by electrical issues at the control panel or in the control valves throughout the yard.


We check your voltage and ensure it is functioning efficiently. Blown fuses or transformers are replaced. Last, we look for problem switches in the valves and replace them as necessary.

Sprinklers Running on Wet Grass

Sprinklers should not run if the grass is already wet. Especially if it is raining. If your sprinklers are running during or after a rain, you may have a problem requiring repair services.


In most areas, sprinkler systems have sensors, so they do not function in the rain. If the sensor fails, you waste water and risk overwatering your lawn.


YardDoc will fix or replace your moisture sensor or adjust your settings.

If it is in your yard, YardDoc can install it, repair it, remodel it, or replace it.

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