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Effective Weed Control Services in Austin, TX

What is a Pre-Emergent Weed Control Treatment?

It is a weed control treatment designed to stop seeds from germinating. Most lawn weeds in Central Texas are annuals or biannuals. Meaning, the weed survives one or two years and then dies. The weed needs to spread its seeds to ensure new plants develop every year.


This is exactly what a pre-emergent weed treatment targets – stopping the weed seeds from taking hold and thereby managing your weed problem. It is called a pre-emergent weed treatment because it manages the weeds before they emerge.

A close-up of a lush, green yard dotted with small white clover flowers and various other green plants in Austin, TX.
A close-up of a green and purple thistle plant with spiky leaves growing among reddish-brown rocks and dry leaves in YardDoc Austin TX.
A close-up view of dense, lush greenery in YardDoc Austin TX shows a variety of small plants and leaves basking in natural sunlight. Various shades and types of green foliage cover the entire frame.

Why Should I Have YardDoc Pair Fertilization and Weed Control Service on my Lawn in the Spring and Fall?

There are several advantages to having your lawn fertilization service with YardDoc!


Expertise in the Right Product for Your Area

You don’t have to concern yourself with figuring out what products are best for your lawn. If you go to your local garden supply store, you may see many, many different options. The experts at YardDoc know the right product to use for the various grass types and the most common weeds that we encounter in your area. We also know that several of the products marketed in stores will kill weeds. They will also, over time, add excessive salts to your soil that will ultimately harm your soil and lawn.


Expertise in the Timing for Treatments

We know the right time to apply the treatments. So you don’t have to keep track of another schedule. Timing is key with pre-emergent weed control service!


A Planned Treatment Schedule

We plan the treatments on a routine, thereby getting and staying on top of your weed problem and helping maintain a healthy lawn year after year.


Effective Application

Our technicians know how much product to apply to be effective, and have the tools to deliver just that amount.

Can I Do One Pre-Emergent Weed Treatment?

Yes, one treatment will help. However, as weed seeds are continually blowing in from other properties, YardDoc recommends adopting a program of routine pre-emergent weed treatment in Spring and Fall. Pre-emergent weed treatments are the most cost-effective way of managing weeds in your lawn.


YardDoc recommends Spring and Fall weed control services, as these are the two main germination times of Summer and Winter weeds. They are often different weed types, so they germinate at different times of the year and require weed treatment in their appropriate season.

SAVE with YardDoc's Seasonal Lawn Care Program
What Does the Lawn Care Program Include?


You get six lawn care treatments performed by a licensed YardDoc technician over the course of the year that include:

  • Inspecting your lawn, and looking for signs of poor health, insect, or disease issues at every visit.
  • Pre-emergent summer weed control and post emergent spot weed treatment in spring.
  • 3x lawn fertilizations and post emergent spot weed treatments.
  • 1x lawn fertilization and post emergent spot weed treatment, including a pro-active lawn pest treatment to help with above and below ground lawn pests.
  • Pre-emergent winter weed protection and post emergent spot weed treatment in fall.

What if Weeds Have Already Invaded my Lawn?

YardDoc technicians can assess the types of weeds that have established themselves in your lawn and and then perform spot treatments to target them. Spot treatments focus on already existing weeds – called post-emergent. Our technicians rely on several methods to effectively kill weeds without harming your grass or plants.

Generally, two spot treatments will get rid of established weeds. As mentioned, weed seeds are the cause of the weeds, so while targeting established weeds with spot treatments is a good practice, you want to stop new weed seeds from blowing in.

This is where the pre-emergent weed control service is so beneficial. YardDoc uses commercial-grade products that get right after the major weeds that attack our Texas lawns before they even get to the surface.

Getting Weed Growth Under Control Leads to a Healthier Lawn Long Term

In Central Texas, we deal with two main categories (types) of weeds – broadleaf weeds, and grassy weeds – and then a number of common weed types often associated with a particular type of grass. Weeds are unwanted growths that create headaches for you, the homeowner, or the property manager. Left untreated, they can consume and take over the most attractive lawns, decreasing your curb appeal value. What happens is, the weed germination and growth compete with your healthy grass for sunlight, water, air, and essential nutrients. Infestation can become uncontrollable very quickly, so you must take action and include weed control service in your lawn care contract with YardDoc if you do not already have it.


YardDoc recommends two annual treatments – in the Spring and the Fall. The key is getting the timing right and getting ahead of the weed seed germination process. It is always our suggestion to water your lawn well after treatment, to ensure that the granules get deep into your soil.

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