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YardDoc organic pest control is the best pest prevention and management service in Central Austin.

Together, we can maintain a healthy environment that’s optimal for people and the creatures that share our space.

YardDoc adopts a holistic, organic approach to pest control. We believe that people and common pests can cohabit in the same environment. First, we work to deter pests from entering your personal space by removing what is attracting them. Next, we physically impede or prevent their access and install entry barriers. This step is known as pest exclusion.


Last, YardDoc applies the most natural chemical deterrents possible. Thus, the goal is to exterminate unwanted rats, mice, and other rodents, mosquitoes, ants, roaches, bed bugsspiders, scorpions, waspsyellow jacketsred paper wasps, lawn grubs, termites, urban wildlife, and other pests safely.


Unlike other pest control companies, the YardDoc pest removal process provides natural, effective relief in the Austin area. If you want to manage specific pests in or on your property, but you’re concerned about the impact of pesticides on the environment, then YardDoc is the perfect solution for you!

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What is Holistic Organic Pest Control?

There’s no doubt that all creatures contribute to the ecosystem. Sometimes we wonder how or why, but even the ‘worst’ pests play a role. We also recognize that most people don’t wish to live together in the same environment with certain critters, bugs, and insects.


One of YardDoc’s core values is to show compassion for both people and animals. Our pest control services focus more on prevention and segregation rather than acting as an exterminator. However, when extermination is necessary, we perform this task diligently with natural substances before using human-made chemicals.


Therefore, organic pest control by YardDoc means using 98% to 100% natural pesticides for a specific pest management issue. We can achieve the desired result with the least detrimental impact. Our pest control technicians see themselves as partners, collaborating with you to choose the best solutions to create healthy surroundings for you, your family, and your pets.

Get Relief from Your Pest Problems

One big reason YardDoc is so successful with organic pest control is because we can integrate lawn care and weed control into our methods. After all, gardens, lawns, and other plant life are food sources for pests like grubs, webworms (in the moth family), mites, millipedesasian lady beetles, scale, and more. And these insects are a food source for the pests you don’t want inside your home. The eco-friendly and practical pest management technique we use is known as Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM incorporates minimizing chemical applications with non-chemical approaches, including:

  • Sanitization (clean-up)
  • Exclusion (close-up)
  • Mechanical (traps)
  • Cultural (plant types)

Together, we can maintain a healthy environment that’s optimal for people and the creatures that share our space. YardDoc organic pest control is the best pest prevention and management service in Central Austin.

Safe, Effective Pest Control

Final thoughts to help you learn more about managing unwanted pests on your property and inside your home.



Many pest exterminators come out to your property, spray toxic pesticides, and move on to their next appointment. But pesticide application is a bandaid – a temporary stopgap – and should be a last step in pest control.


Biting Pests that Transmit Disease

Organisms that can transmit diseases to people are called vectors. The best known or most notorious vectors are ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas. The National Pest Management Association urges the public to take precautions against the health threats posed by an influx in these biting pests.


Pests in Gutters

Many homeowners don’t realize their gutters are infested with bugs and critters who wreak havoc, damage property, and create an unhealthy environment. Or that clogged gutters may be a big contributor to the pest problems they are experiencing. Get rid of pests in your gutters with our handyman gutter cleaning service and organic pest control.


DIY Pest Control

The YardDoc philosophy for do-it-yourself pest control involves minimizing chemical applications by incorporating non-chemical approaches. Follow this formula: clean up, close up, trap, and lawn care.

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