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In2Care Mosquito Trap System

YardDoc is called for mosquito control a lot during the Austin mosquito season. Over the years, we have applied stand-alone misting systems, fogging techniques, and the In2Care mosquito trap system. The In2Care mosquito trap was developed in the Netherlands with the help of funding from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to help fight mosquito-borne diseases. After deploying several hundred In2Care baiting systems, we are confident it is the most effective and environmentally friendly mosquito control measure in almost every situation.

A black YardDoc Austin TX branded trash can with a funnel-shaped lid, partially filled with trash, sits on a ground covered in small rocks and greenery. A green object is visible at the top of the pile.

YardDoc Mosquito Baiting Process

We place mosquito trap stations around your yard. These stations bait the mosquitoes, and once inside, they come into contact with a mix of a specialized fungus and growth regulator. The fungus reduces your mosquito population within ten days, while the growth regulator ensures eggs do not reach adulthood. For a faster solution to mosquito control, we combine a one-time fogging with the initial bait station deployment. In severely infested areas, we require a combination of baiting and fogging.

Key advantages of the In2Care baiting system:

  • Does not affect beneficial insects such as bees or butterflies.
  • Provides 24 hours per day protection.
  • Green innovation that reduces the use of chemicals.
  • Pet-friendly.
  • Plant-friendly


Like with any pest control approach, we like to tackle it from a few angles, check out our customer reviews for yourself. Reducing harborage areas, or what attracts mosquitoes, is a key component to getting your mosquito problem under control. See if you’re in our service area so that we can help you tackle this issue.


Mosquito Harborage Areas Include:

  • Gutters that are blocked or contain debris.
  • Compost piles.
  • Decaying leaves.
  • Standing water.
  • Potted plants that are over-watered.
  • Grass that is over-watered, particularly if it is in a shaded area.

Let us help get your mosquito problem under control

One of our pest control technicians will implement a mosquito trap solution for your home or business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dark colors (in this case a black shell), water, and the organic odor included in the refills are all attractants to mosquitoes.

They designed the In2Care system to target the Aedes mosquito (the main mosquito behind malaria).

But the actives in the system will also impact other mosquito species.

Once inside the trap, the In2Care system has a dual approach, including a slow-killing biological fungicide and a larvacide.

Both target the adult mosquito and the larvae that will hatch inside the system after the female has laid her eggs in the treated water.

The membrane inside each trap is coated in fungus spores that are electronically charged and will, therefore, be attracted by the mosquito’s own electrical charge because of opposite polarity.

Kill Adults
The fungus infection will then take a few days to kill the mosquito. While the female mosquito moves to other breeding sites, she will continue to spread the larvacide to each of these other water bodies.

The reason that it takes several days to kill the adult mosquito is because the spores actually penetrate the mosquito’s skin and grow into her body.

Destroy Larvae
A faster kill may seem beneficial, but given that the mosquito continues to move to other breeding sites which may already contain eggs of other mosquitoes, it makes this slow process a beneficial one.

The larvacide in the treated water is an insect growth regulator that disrupts the breeding cycle of the mosquito. It disrupts the process at the moment the larvae pupates.

Consider it a good sign if you see mosquito larvae in the In2Care trap. It indicates that this generation of mosquitoes will never actually emerge as biting adults.

  • Replenish the bait refills at least once a month because the spores will dry out and die over an extended period.
  • Keep the water in the system topped up and replaced often enough that it does not dry up and so that the water does not go foul.
  • The lid is designed to capture rain water. You can also top up the system without removing the lid by pouring water onto the lid.

Location of the In2Care Mosquito Traps
The traps or bait stations should be placed about 20 meters (65 feet) apart in shaded areas. It is also better to place them somewhere where they are sheltered from the wind, as too much wind will blow the spores out of the system.

If you use a blower to clear your landscape, it is important not to blow directly onto the bait stations for this same reason.

Pet and Environmentally Friendly
The active ingredients in the bait stations are not toxic to birds or mammals, so you do not endanger your pets or other non-targeted animals. The biological fungus is only toxic to insects and the larvicide specifically targets mosquito larvae. It is not toxic to higher organisms, given its low concentration. In other products, the larvicide has been approved by WHO for use in drinking water. So it really is an environmentally friendly solution.

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