Rodent Control: Get Rid of Rats and Mice

Rodent Control - Austin TX - Norway Rat, Sewer Rat, Brown Rat - How to Get Rid of Rats - YardDoc Pest Control ServicesYardDoc rodent control protects your home, family, and pets from damage and disease caused by common Austin rodents such as the house mouse, roof rat, and Norway rat.

Even the worst of pests play a role in the ecosystem. But when rodents pose a serious health risk or cause costly property repair, critter control measures such as exclusion and extermination become necessary.

Our holistic pest control methods are built around an Integrated Pest Management philosophy.

IPM is an environmentally responsible method of pest control that involves strategies such as the exclusion of pest entry points, nesting and breeding prevention, baiting, trapping, sanitation, and extermination, with judicious use of rodenticides.

YardDoc’s rodent control methods create a barrier between you and the pests. We achieve this by making your home and surroundings as uninviting to rodents and other pests as possible.

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How to Make Your Home Less Attractive to Rodents

We can also help you take steps on your own to make your home less inviting for rodents in a manner that is effective while remaining environmentally friendly. Here are some tips to prevent rats, mice, and other pests from finding sanctuary on your property.

House Mouse in Grass - Rodent Control Austin TX - YardDoc 300x200Eliminate Nesting and Access Areas
Landscaping and lawn care are an important part of rodent control. Trim or remove bushes and plants that rodents can hide in.

Keep your lawn mowed. Trim overhanging branches rodents may use to gain access to your home. Remove dog waste regularly.

All of these tips also help increase your curb appeal, making it less appealing for rodents.

Build a frame yourself or use our handyman services for your woodpile that you use for your fire-pit or an outdoor kitchen, and keep it fifty feet away from your home. Left on wet grass, wood decomposes, attracting insects that use it as a food source. It is also the perfect home for spiders, wasps, and rodents.

Eliminate Standing Water
Rodents and urban wildlife are drawn to fresh water sources. Mosquitoes breed in still collections of water. Therefore, don't keep pet water dishes outside, maintain your irrigation or sprinkler system, repair areas of your yard where rainwater gathers, install and maintain a gutter system, set mosquito traps, and have your pool maintained regularly, especially during long absences.

Eliminate Food Sources
Don't let dirty dishes sit in the sink or countertop. Wipe down surfaces and sweep or vacuum regularly to remove spilled liquids and crumbs. Store food in airtight plastic, glass, or metal containers. Ensure your trash bins have tight-fitting lids and empty them regularly. Thoroughly wash and disinfect your trash cans monthly to deter flies and rodents.

Rodent Control Starts with Identification

The first step is to identify the types of rats, mice, and other pests invading your home in an unhealthy way. Next, we identify what is attracting them and how they are gaining access. At this point, YardDoc will create a customized rodent control plan. Take a look at our happy customer reviews from our service.

The environment in Austin, TX is more than a haven for humans. All manner of rodents, insects like Carpenter Ants, and critters thrive in our housing, yards, and suburban areas. Our holistic approach to organic pest control, with pesticide applications, ensures that whatever your particular pest problem, we can identify and treat it.

We can help with your other pest control needs, for ants, asian beetles, termites (drywood and subterranean), scorpions, spiders, wasps, millipedes, cockroaches, bed bugs, and grubs.

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