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Termites are a natural part of the environment in the Austin, Texas region. In some situations, they are even beneficial. A termite’s job is to break down dead and dying plant material. This is great! Unless the material the termites are breaking down is the wood of your home’s construction!


If you suspect termites or other wood destroying insects have invaded your home, call YardDoc for a professional inspection. Our certified technician will look for signs of termites and provide termite treatment to stop ongoing property damage.

Get Rid of Termites

There are a few treatments to prevent termite infestations and to eradicate them altogether. Generally, termite treatments involve soil, wood, and bait solutions, or a combination of these depending on the extent of the termite activity.

Soil Termiticide

One method is to introduce a termiticide to the soil around the home. This treatment must be carried out by a licensed professional to avoid contaminating drinking water sources. Termiticides can also be applied to building materials to help prevent infestations.


Foundation Termiticide

Another method may include drilling through the foundation to place termiticides under the slab or tenting to apply chemicals to the home’s timber.


Baiting Workers

Baiting can also prove effective as the worker termites feed the colony, including the king and queen. With sufficient dosage, the bait is passed along to all members of the colony, killing them.

The best choice for your home depends on the type of termites, length of time the nest has been there, and location of the nest.

Termite treatment is not a DIY pest control project. Infestations are a serious threat to the structure of your home. In fact, termite damage cause more property repair each year than tornadoes, windstorms, and hurricanes combined.

Subterranean Termite Treatment

First, we conduct a thorough inspection of your property looking for the location of subterranean termites and their damage. Evidence of subterranean termites include finding termite tunnels along the home’s foundation, walls, or roofline. These tunnels protect the worker termites as they travel between their food source (the wood inside your home) and their underground nest.


Termite Treatment Cost
Next, YardDoc will create a customized plan to eradicate the termites on your property. This plan will include the cost of treatment and steps you can take to prevent re-infestation of the area by another colony. Our certified technicians take the time to ensure you understand the treatment plan, where the damage is located, and the cost of treatment before we start.


Apply Termiticides
Then, termite treatment begins. A subterranean extermination plan may include application of liquid or foaming chemicals. These chemicals kill termites on contact and prevent additional termites from entering your home. Termiticides such as these must be applied by trained and licensed professionals to prevent contamination of soils and drinking water sources.


Bait Boxes
Finally, bait boxes may be used to eliminate the entire colony. The worker termites ingest the bait and carry the poison back into the subterranean termite nest. Once enough of the bait poison makes it to the colony’s food source, it kills the queen and her attendants. A colony without a breeding queen dies off and the colony is eradicated.

Drywood Termite Treatment

It’s Harder to Get Rid of Drywood Termites
Drywood termites require some different eradication plans than the subterranean species. They they do not require an independent moisture source, nor do they live down in the soil under our home. Drywood termites live right inside the very wood of your home’s construction. This means extermination of drywood termites is harder and more invasive to you and your family’s living space.


First, YardDoc trained technicians conduct a thorough inspection. During the inspection, the location and extent of the infestation is determined.


Cost of Drywood Termite Treatment
Next, you receive a customized treatment plan. YardDoc technicians will review the inspection findings and discuss your options, including cost. Because tenting and fumigation may be involved with drywood termite treatment, you and your family might need to vacate the home temporarily.


Termiticide or Fumigation
Then, treatment begins. Drywood termite treatment may include the application of termiticide chemicals directly to the wood in affected areas of the home. It may also involve fumigation chemicals to all or isolated parts of the home, depending on the extent of the infestation.


During fumigation, tenting contains the chemicals. But YardDoc utilizes pesticides that are almost 100% natural to protect your family and the environment whenever possible. Finally, we schedule a follow up inspection to ensure the colony has been eradicated.

Schedule a Comprehensive Termite Inspection

As with any pest control problem, be proactive and take steps to prevent termites. Learn what termites look like and browse our fun termite facts. It’s always less expensive to know thy enemy than to pay for costly damage repair and certified termite treatment.


But if you have concerns, we’re glad to help. Get in touch with YardDoc for a thorough termite inspection today.


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