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Hearing Noises in the Attic or Your Walls?
You May Need Critter Removal

Critters and insects are driven by weather changes to seek shelter from the heat and cold. Our living spaces become very attractive destinations that offer an ideal mid-range temperature and shelter from the rain.

Signs You May Need Critter Removal

Some indicators you may have unwelcome guests include:

    Pest Control Critter Removal - YardDoc - Austin, TX - Hearing critters in the house - Brown mouse

  • Scratching or running sounds in your attic or walls
  • Seeing droppings
  • Evidence of gnawing/chewing on cables, insulation, pipes, or timbers
  • Runways/tunnels in your insulation
  • Nests or gathered nesting materials

Which Critters am I Hearing?

Scratching in the roof? The first question would be, when do you typically hear the noises? Daylight, dawn/dusk, or at night? This gives a clue to the type of visitor that has taken up occupancy. Size of access hole and markings around the access hole also give a good indication.

How to Get Rid of These Critters?

Critter removal begins with prevention. At YardDoc, our critter control approach is generally to make your business or home less attractive in the first place, to discourage unwanted guests.

Open Access Points

Walk around your property and look for any obvious access points. Sometimes you can see them and sometimes not. If you see a hole, are there gnawing marks around the hole? Are there brown smears around the hole? Typically these would indicate an access point, and this is something you want to seal up.

Branch or Foliage Access

Trim back bushes and plants that make it easier for insects and critters to gain access to your roof space. Ideally, branches should be cut at least four to five feet away from the roof. Many of the guests you don’t want can comfortably leap smaller gaps to gain access, even inviting pests in gutters.

Need a roof trim? YardDoc’s handyman and landscaping services can help!

Food Sources

This is the attractant that most commonly brings unwelcome guests into your home, including:

  • Compost bins
  • Open trash cans
  • Pet food
  • Wild bird food
  • Fruit trees

Try to eliminate all food sources that could be attracting pests. This doesn’t mean you can’t have foodstuffs, but keep them in steel or glass containers.

Once you make the area less attractive and/or less accessible, you can look at critter removal or rodent control in the form of capture and relocate or bait, depending on what critters you have.

Critter Removal and Control

Give YardDoc a call and one of our certified pest technicians can arrange a no-cost inspection of your home and help develop a personalized solution for you that will get rid of rats, rodents or other critters. We also provide environmentally friendly Mosquito Control.