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  • Rodents, Rats, Mice
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  • Spiders
  • Urban Wildlife


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    Organic Pest Control

    At YardDoc, we recognize that all creatures contribute to the ecosystem. Even the worst "pests" play a role. Our pest control solutions focus more on segregation than extermination. When it's necessary to be pest exterminators, we perform this role in a manner that is specifically targeted and has the least possible impact on the environment.

    One primary goal is to remove whatever is attracting pests and rodents to your property, install entry barriers, and other exclusion solutions before we use chemical deterrents. When pesticides are used, we carefully select the right product for a particular issue and environment. Our pest control pesticides typically range from more than 98% natural to 100% natural.

    Professional Service and Personal Care

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    • Integrated Pest Management

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    We are experts at rodent control, ant control, cockroach control, scorpion control, termite treatment, garden pest control, yellow jacket wasp control, bee removal, and more. As your pest control contractors, we will help you maintain an environment that’s optimal for the people and the creatures that share your space.

    Our Integrated Pest Management approach minimizes chemicals and incorporates non-chemical approaches very effectively. Our process involves sanitation (clean-up), exclusion (close-up), mechanical, and cultural pest control solutions.

    For your convenience and peace of mind, we can help you take care of everything outside from home rodent control to swimming pool maintenance to landscaping services. Bundle your services and save!

    Home Pest Control

    Customer Reviews 

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    "We have no pest issues anymore thanks to their ongoing services and advice. Do like their greener approach to managing pests."
    Liam Fowler

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    "YARDDOC does the pest control for our home, including the perimeter protection and mosquito fogging, and they have been very good! They offer a 100% environmentally friendly solution and also a mosquito approach that only targets mosquitoes, so no harm to the bees or other insects. They let you know every time they service the yard, exactly what was done and their services work! I will highly recommend them to family and friends!!! Thank you YardDoc!"
    Moran Tairy

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    "I don't hesitate to send my family, friends, and clients to YardDoc for pest control services and/or advice. They have always been great to me, and to every person or business I have sent to YardDoc. I get nothing in return but amazing feedback and great service - I highly recommend!"
    Rachel Bailey

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    "I used YardDoc for pest control services, to get rid of rodents and they did a great job, good communication and good execution. Highly recommend them."
    Annmarie Hatfield