Getting Rid of Rats in Central Austin, TX

How to Get Rid of Rats

Rats live on every continent except Antarctica. Wherever human beings settle, rats thrive. By perfectly adapting themselves to our modern, urban environments they ensure their survival. The popular misconception says that rats only infest a dirty home, but they quite happily invade clean living areas as well. They are opportunists and easily adapt to their surroundings in search of food and shelter. YardDoc offers environmentally responsible rodent control services to help if you find yourself in the middle of an infestation.

Don’t wait until you see a rat to start taking precautions! Follow these tips to not only get rid of rats but deter infestation altogether:


  • Never leave your pet’s food outside. This invites rats and other wildlife to enjoy a free meal and seek more food sources.
  • Store your food in lidded glass or metal containers. They can chew right through plastic such as Tupperware.
  • Remove standing water sources inside and out.


  • When storing items long-term, such as holiday decor, replace cardboard boxes with sealed metal or hard plastic tubs and keep them away from the walls.
  • Securely store paper and fabric items, such as books and clothing, that rats shred to build nests.
  • Ensure your yard is free of leaves, clutter, and dog waste to make your yard less attractive to rats.


  • Get rid of rats by keeping your lawn mowed and overgrowth cut down to remove safe hiding spots. Do not allow vines to grow up the sides of your house.
  • Ensure that tree branches are cut back to leave a 4- to 5-foot roof clearance to make your roof space less accessible to rodents.
  • Ensure your exterior trash cans are sealed properly.

Types of Rats in Austin

The two most common varieties of rats in the Austin, Texas area are:

A black gerbil with shiny eyes and a pink nose, against a white background in YardDoc Austin TX.

Black Rat

The black rat, also known as the roof rat or house rat, is a generalized feeder. It readily adapts to the environment and survives on whatever is available. It will eat birds and insects, agricultural crops, your pet’s food, and human fare including fruits, nuts, and cereal.

Close-up of a grey rat with white paws on a wooden surface in YardDoc Austin TX, facing the camera with alert eyes.

Brown Rat

The brown rat is also known as the Norway rat, wharf rat, or sewer rat. This type of rat is a true omnivore. Though it will eat almost anything, studies have found brown rats especially enjoy scrambled eggs, macaroni and cheese, raw carrots, and cooked corn. Their voracious and varied appetites are why eliminating anything that attracts rats to your home is important.


Cats can be a deterrent, but not everyone wants one. And not every cat is a hunter. Thankfully, there are other ways to get rid of rats.

Why are Rats Dangerous?

Rats are adept burrowers. They dig in your gardens and sheltered areas where they breed rapidly and continuously. Two rats can become an infestation of 15,000 rats in only one year’s time. Rats carry viruses and bacteria. They are known carriers of the Hantavirus as well as cryptosporidiosis and toxoplasmosis all of which can be transmitted to humans. When rats contaminate your food, they often transfer salmonella.

Due to their always-growing teeth, rats can gnaw through most structural material. They are known for chewing through walls as well as electrical wiring, causing power failures and even electrical fires.

A Holistic Approach to Rat Control

Partner with YardDoc rat exterminator to eliminate the health and property hazards these unwelcome rodents cause. Our rodent control process begins by putting a barrier between you and pests by making your home environment uninviting to mice and rats. The city of Austin recommends rat-proofing as the most permanent means of control. Contact us today and get rid of rats now!

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