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Certified Pool and Spa Services

Enjoy a safe and relaxing pool and spa experience, with no hassles, when you hire YardDoc’s team of certified pool operators. Services include pool and spa repaircleaning, and maintenance.

YardDoc Pool and Spa Service Checklist

Contact us for pool and spa services to keep them in peak condition.

Enjoy a safe and relaxing pool and spa experience, with no hassles

Pool and Spa Filters

Filter cleans are done on cartridge and DE filters quarterly, so this is part of the service, but not done at every visit. Some smaller filters will need to be cleaned more frequently, and sand or glass filters are not cleaned until it is time to change out the sand, which would be only every few years with good quality water.

If the spa is not connected to the pool, and it has its own water system, then the water chemistry of the spa will be checked and managed separately from that of the pool.

Most of the pool and spas that we maintain are connected with the pool and spa sharing the same water system so they can be treated as one unit.


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