Swimming Pool FAQ

Swimming Pool Frequently Asked Questions

When summer heats up, you’ll want to cool down in your pool. Browse our swimming pool FAQ to help you keep it in tip-top shape. We cover cleaning, maintenance, and repair topics for Austin inground pool and spa owners.

It depends on what chemicals are added, but a general rule of thumb is 24 hours after a shock treatment. Shocking spikes the chlorine level to kill any bacteria, so you would want to wait until the levels normalize.

Typically during the summer and hotter weather, it should run for at least 12 hours/day during daylight hours. For a pool to fully filter, 4 times the amount of water must be moved through the filter to achieve a 98% filtration rate, and this takes about 12 hours.

A salt water pool still needs chlorine. The difference is that the salt makes free chlorine instead of from a pressed tablet. This chlorine only accounts for the residual chlorine. A salt system cannot shock the pool, which is the process of sanitizing the water. During hot weather, and more pool usage,  the salt cells may not be able to make enough chlorine to keep up with the demand.

A pool should be backwashed when the filter pressure gets 8-10 lbs above your pools clean starting pressure.

It is not a problem for a pool to be fuller, as it should be fuller rather than too empty. When it rains, the water is only coming over the edge as fast as it is raining. Having the pool too full will not damage pool equipment or cause extra strain to the pool.


If the water level is higher than the top of the skimmer, it will not suck the leaves or debris as effectively. A lower water level is more problematic because if it sucks dry, it will ruin the pump.

The three most common reason are:

  • A dirty filter
  • Dirty skimmer or pump pot baskets
  • A clogged impeller

The pool probably has low water flow caused by the water not moving.

Swimming pools are all about fun and exercise – as long as you enjoy them safely! Ensure your pool has a built-in, multi-layered safety protection approach. YardDoc can help when needed with an evaluation of your Austin Pool Safety Code compliance.

Pool safety begins with fencing, entrapment reduction, chemical management, electrical safety, non-slip surfaces, water temperature, and more.

In Texas, there is little need to winterize a pool as temperatures do not get low enough for long enough to warrant this. There are, however, some steps that YardDoc recommends during the cooler months, such as changing from regular to liquid chlorine to reduce stabilizer build-up.

Algae spores are generally carried into your pool by the wind or rain. When conditions are favorable for the algae, a bloom can occur, and your pool can turn green in a matter of hours.

Pool algae is a sign that the water chemistry is not under control. Therefore, more dangerous organisms, like E-coli bacteria, could be present. The key to preventing algae is meticulous pool maintenance.

A leaking in-ground pool erodes support walls and causes damage to the pool’s structure, deck, surrounding landscaping, and pool equipment. You’ll also find yourself frequently refilling the pool for a significant increase in your water bill and chemical costs. Pool Leak Detection includes signs of water loss, cracking around the deck, and soil saturation around the pool.

Inground Pool Services

YardDoc offers full-service pool maintenance to include cleaning and pool repair (such as pumps and heaters). We also take the time to educate our customers on what they can do to keep their pool in tip-top shape. YardDoc employees are trained to the highest industry standards and use the latest equipment and systems. This ensures you receive the level of knowledge and care required to save money while maintaining your pool.

We achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty with long term relationships, great service, consistent communication, and fair pricing. We live by our motto and guarantee: Professional Service and Personal Care.

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