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Pool Heater Not Working?

You know you need pool heater repair when that January dive into your swimming pool quickly becomes a shocking dip rather than a refreshing one. With our team of repair specialists, you can avoid those bone-chilling experiences in the pool. When you need a pool heater repair in Austin, Texas, give us a call!

Why Isn't My Pool Heater Working?

There are many reasons why pool heaters fail to start. While repairing them is best completed by a skilled, certified technician, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot your pool heater repair issue. Sometimes what appears to be an issue with the pool heater has nothing to do with it at all. A brief checklist may help you trace the source of the issue.

Save yourself from a chilly dip in the pool and the frustration of troubleshooting and repairing the heater yourself

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Troubleshooting Checklist

Check the Filter

Whether you have a gas, propane, electric, wood-burning, solar, or nuclear-heated swimming pool, you need a clean, clog-free filter in place for the unit to function correctly. Otherwise, the heater does not receive the level of flow it requires to operate correctly (and will most likely shut down until the issue is resolved).

Check the Fittings

Steady water pressure and a good seal are essential to your pool heater’s performance. Check your fittings and couplings to make sure everything has been tightened up since the last time you shut down your pool.

Examine Electrical Connections and Terminals

On electric and solar units, a faulty connection can cause the heater to not power on, or it may trip the unit’s failsafe feature. Unplug your heater before you perform any troubleshooting. Look for any frayed, split, loose wires, or corrosion on the terminals.

Bad Pressure Sensor

When a pressure sensor goes bad, it will mistakenly sense that there is no water in the pool or line and automatically switch off the pump.

Heat Exchanger Issues

Just like in your home's water heater, the anodes can develop corrosion or a thick layer of lime (calcium carbonate) -- another great reason to keep your pool's chemistry balanced. Troubleshooting and repairing a heat exchanger is not one of those things you should DIY. This procedure is best left to the professionals.

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