Pool Leak Detection

Professional Pool Leak Detection in Austin, TX

Is Your In-ground Pool Leaking?

Swimming pool leak detection and repair is an essential part of pool maintenance to avoid unnecessary damage and expense. A leaking in-ground pool erodes support walls and causes damage to the pool’s structure, deck, surrounding landscaping, and pool equipment. Also, you’ll find yourself frequently refilling the pool for a significant increase in your water bill and chemical costs.


YardDoc provides experienced pool leak detection and all the remedies needed to fix it. We are a warranty center for the major brands of pool and spa equipment. Early March is the perfect time to inspect your pool for leaks.

How Do I Know if My Pool is Leaking?

Frequent refilling and chemical balancing problems may mean your pool has sprung a leak. But in Austin, pool water evaporation due to stretches of hot, arid weather is commonly mistaken for a pool leak, especially in Spring and Autumn when the difference between water and air temperatures are highest and when the humidity is low.

Look for these warning signs:


Water loss

Do you have a noticeable drop in the water level? If you are losing 1/4" of water over 24 hours, you may have a pool leak.


Cracking around the deck

If you see cracks, discoloration, or deterioration around your pool deck, this may be a sign of a pool leak.


Saturated soil

Are there soft, water-saturated spots around your pool that cannot be explained by rainfall? A water leak could be causing erosion.

Try the Bucket Test for Pool Leak Detection

One of the best ways to determine whether you have a leak is to do the bucket test. All you need is a 5-gallon bucket and some duct tape.

First, place a strip of tape at the waterline, near your pool’s skimmer, and turn off the pump. Next, fill your bucket halfway with water from your pool and mark the water level with a piece of tape. Place the bucket on one of the first steps of your pool. After a few days, measure the distance from the water line to the tape in both your pool and the bucket. If your pool appears to be losing water at a faster rate than the bucket, you most likely have a leak.

Let's Fix that Leak!

You Could Be Risking Serious Property Damage.

Only through a qualified pool leak detection service can you determine the exact location of your pool leak.

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