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Pool Maintenance Services in Austin, TX

Are you looking for an excellent pool cleaning service in Austin?

Our pool technicians ensure your pool is sparkling clean and free of debris. We skim leaves, vacuum sediment, brush the sides and steps, correct water chemistry, and check equipment. As insured certified pool operators, you can trust YardDoc in your backyard.

6 Benefits for Pool Owners


Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Okay, that’s four reasons for weekly pool and spa cleaning rolled into one. But Central Austin’s seasonality affects your swimming pool in big ways.

The Austin area is not immune to freezing temperatures. The expansion of frozen water damages pipes, valves, filters, heaters, and pumps. This can be especially destructive and expensive to repair. Do you have pool freeze protection in place?

The wind can wreak havoc for Austin pool owners beyond leaves and dirt. High winds also carry smaller particles such as pollen, algae, dust, and phosphates. Your entire pool maintenance system requires attention on windy days. You might consider an automatic cover if you don’t already have one. Let us know if you want an estimate.

The hottest months in Central Austin cause challenges for pool owners. High temperatures create perfect conditions for algae growth. The UV rays of the sun degrade and dissipate chlorine. Plant matter scorched in the heat also contributes to algae and increased debris.

Runoff from the roof, siding, deck, sidewalk, and landscaping contaminate your pool. Rainwater also contains phosphates and nitrates you don’t want in the pool water. After a good rain, check the water chemistry to be sure it is safe for use. A poorly maintained pool could take days or weeks to recover.


YardDoc's experienced pool technicians.

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill “pool boys.” YardDoc employs well-trained, IPSSA-certified pool technicians. Our techs detect minor issues before they lead to expensive problems.


You will likely save money in the long run.

Professional pool service corrects little issues as they pop up. We ensure your pool remains energy-efficient. Regular pool cleaning also extends the life of your equipment. YardDoc also saves you money in chemicals and other supplies.


A well-maintained pool is a healthy pool.

An inground swimming pool is a costly investment worth protecting. It's also essential to keep it safe for you and your guests.


Keep your pool ready for fun.

Family, friends, and neighbors do drop by for unexpected visits. No one can enjoy the pool if it’s a little on the green side. Keep your swimming pool looking great and ready for fun.


You have better things to do.

Pool care is time-consuming and tedious. It requires a level of expertise and continuous learning. Mistakes can be costly. It pays to have YardDoc's professional pool services at your beck and call.

Get the Best Swimming Pool Cleaning Services in Austin, Texas
Less Work, Less Expense, More Fun!

Schedule swimming pool maintenance plans personalized for the needs of your pool. Your YardDoc pool cleaner performs services such as:

  • Surface skimming to remove leaves and debris.
  • pH balancing.
  • Vacuuming the pool.
  • Brush the sides and steps of the pool to remove algae.
  • Check equipment for wear and tear.
  • Email summary after every service.
  • Vehicle tracking.
  • Warranty partnerships with major manufacturers.

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