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Need Pool Pump Repair or Service?

You probably don’t think about pool pump repair or how valuable a pump is to your pool until it fails. Without a pool pump, your pool has no way to filter the water and circulate pool chemicals. Meaning your pool’s water will get pretty nasty, pretty quick. You’ve also got Texas pool pump regulations to consider. Fortunately, YardDoc makes pool pump repair service easy in Austin. 

Troubleshooting Your Pool Pump

Your swimming pool should be fine for a day or two without a functioning pool pump. But you likely don’t want to go more than a few days without one. A pool without a pump quickly becomes bombarded with algae, bacteria, and is practically impossible to balance with chemicals.


Ask about Pentair Intellichem the next time your YardDoc certified pool technician visits for cleaning or repair. It’s a chemical automation system for your pool or spa. It monitors the pH of the water and the ORP (oxidation-reduction potential). Keeping the chlorine level at a constant level keeps the pool water healthy and safe, you reduce the risk of having algae outbreaks.


Also discuss the level of Cyanuric acid in your pool, as too high or too low levels can cause serious problems. It is impossible for pools that use chlorine pucks as their main source of sanitation to avoid a cyanuric acid problem over time. In fact, it is inevitable.

Are you experiencing any of these common issues?

Pool Pump Won’t Start

Most pool pumps that refuse to start have an issue with the impeller. Shut off electricity to your pool and check to see if a clog is preventing the impeller from rotating. If you find a clog, you should replace the impeller and the seals, as there is likely a leak somewhere in the unit that is causing the pump to collect debris.



If you own a swimming pool long enough, you begin to understand that pool leak detection just comes with the territory — even if you’ve invested in the best pool pump on the market. Here are a few questions to ask yourself while you check out your pump:

• Is the threaded seal bad?
• Does the shaft seal seem brittle or deformed?
• Have the discharge pipe threads shrunk?
• Has the O-ring shifted or split on the impeller housing?


Odd Noises and Vibrations

There is no such thing as a completely silent pool pump, except a dead one in need of pool pump repair. What you want to look out for are new noises and vibrations developing, that signal a mechanical change in the unit. If your pump is exhibiting new and odd behaviors, you should (with the power shut off) check the interior of the unit.

Now is also an excellent opportunity to change the seals and impeller itself, which is often the first (and least expensive) step in fixing an erratic pool pump.

A YardDoc pool filtration system in Austin, TX, with various connected devices and pipes, arranged neatly on a concrete slab, next to a residential building's wall under clear skies.

Check Out These Pool Maintenance Tips

YardDoc’s swimming pool gurus would like to share some essential swimming pool maintenance tips with you. We cover everything from the proper way to document chemical usage to ridding your lawn and pool area of mosquitoes. (Better safe than Zika, right?)

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YardDoc is your pool repair expert in Austin and the surrounding areas. We offer every pool service imaginable, so you can continue to enjoy your swimming pool all year long.

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