Pool Repair

Expert Pool Repair Services in Austin, TX

Ensure your pool repairs goes swimmingly. Whether it is for safety, equipment, or cosmetics, swimming pool repair cannot wait. YardDoc PHTA-certified specialists tackle every type of pool repair in Austin. We do everything from structural and equipment repairs to leak detection and replastering.

Pool Equipment Repair

Pool equipment repairs are hardly ever weekend DIY projects. These types of repairs or replacements are complex. You should never overestimate your ability to repair electrical equipment around water sources.

Instead, rely on the expertise of YardDoc’s pool equipment repair experts. Our staff includes certified pool operators through the National Swimming Pool Foundation® (NSPF).

YardDoc is proud to be a warranty partner with major pool and spa brands. We can help you manage all aspects of your pool repair, such as:

Is your swimming pool under the weather? The doctor is in!

Austin's Premier Pool Service Company

Professional service and personal care – this is our motto and our guarantee! We can meet your pool repair needs.

Pool Resurfacing and Renovations

Your swimming pool is your oasis. And paradise should be without blemishes. Especially if those faults put your pool and swimmers at risk. Cracked tiles can cause foot injuries. Flaking plaster can put the entire structure of an in-ground pool on shaky ground.


If you run into a problem with your pool’s plaster, coping, or other surface material, call YardDoc. We’ll provide a thorough inspection. Repairing a small issue early on will save you a fortune compared to conducting a major overhaul.

YardDoc’s pool resurfacing and renovation services include:

Pool Deck Repairs

Given enough time, all pool decks will eventually form cracks. These cracks are due to soil changes, seasonal weather patterns, and even pool leaks. Yes, cracks are common, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them.


A small crack left untreated will ultimately become larger. This leads to erosion of soils below the deck. Besides swimming pool deck repairs, YardDoc offers deck remodeling services. Give your lounge area the luxurious esthetic it rightfully deserves.

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