YardDoc Customer Reviews

"Great Value for the Services!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align Great value for the services. Fair pricing. Quick to respond when the guys have an "off-day"...which sometimes does happen in life. Show up as scheduled. The team is friendly and billing/payment is easy. They notify you the day the yard is serviced via email. Then they provide a separate email for invoice payment. Very professional. I am just super pleased with this company and the pricing value I receive. Yeah to Yard Doc!!!

Christine K.

"Very Talented Landscape Designer!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align Excellent company, very reliable and professional. I have used them on two projects at my house and I was extremely pleased with the outcome both times. Adam is a very talented landscape designer. I appreciate his aesthetic eye as well as his knowledge of which plants will thrive and how big they will ultimately get so that the design will look good for years to come. I highly recommend YardDoc, Adam and his team.

Denise M.

"Very Professional!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align Very impressed with the quick communication for setting up our initial appointment by YardDocs. Equally impressed by the very professional and knowledgable consultation for landscaping needs by their technician Shane. As first time home owners with little experience with yard upkeep and management, Shane went above and beyond giving us advice for landscape design, plant and bed placement, pond maintenance, information about our irrigation system and more. We look forward to using YardDoc in the future as we continue to grow into our new home.

Lee E.

"Excellent Service!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align We have had YardDoc service our pool for several years now and have had excellent service from them. Trent is our current pool person and he does a great job in keeping our pool sparkling! We can also recommend Adam who has provided great service in our lawn care needs. Adrian does a wonderful job in overseeing and ensuring both services are run smoothly. Thank you YardDoc!

Peggy P.

"Above and Beyond!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align Can I just brag on Yard Doc for a second? "Above and beyond" is the phrase that comes to mind. Friendly, professional, damn good at the job! I had the team of Larry, Gene, and Corey -- they are SUPERB!

Jennifer M.

"Punctual and Knowledgeable!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align I am the proverbial "mosquito magnet"! had been using a spraying system that provided marginal, short term results but don't have bushes or any foliage in the back yard of our new home so couldn't find anything that works. We switched to YardDoc for getting rid of our mosquitoes and the results with their mosquito baiting system have been great. The team is punctual and knowledgeable. We are paying a similar cost with better results. I like that its environmentally sensitive and has no impact on the ozone too!

Jewell P.

"Character and Honesty!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align Adam at YardDoc really impressed me with his genuine character and honesty. I look forward to doing more business with them in the future.

Jason M.

"Amazing Set of Guys!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align Jim and Christian are any amazing set of guys - responsive and professional. Great service!

Zak Z.

"Very Professional and Helpful!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align I am so satisfied with their work on my garden and pool. Very professional and helpful!

Kristin F.

"Professional, Knowledgeable and Not Pushy!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align YardDoc, Adrian and Adam, are the best. Very professional, knowledgeable and not pushy. Value is high, which is hard to find in this industry and particularly in Westlake. Great with tree trimming.

George D.

"Highly Recommend!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align I highly recommend this company to anyone needing outside work. Very professional and punctual.

Josh T.

"Very Happy to Recommend!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align YardDoc takes care of a commercial pool for us and do a great job. They fixed a number of continuous issues we had prior to them taking over. Jim is very knowledgeable and timely to all of our pool needs for routine maintenance and repairs. I also use them occasionally for landscape maintenance. Very happy to recommend them to others.

Emily F.

"Fantastic Work!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align Yard doc does fantastic work and couldn’t suggest a better company to work with.

Tyler T.

"Great Service!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align I don't hesitate to send my family, friends, and clients to YardDoc for pest control services and/or advice. They have always been great to me, and to every person or business I have sent to YardDoc. I get nothing in return but amazing feedback and great service - I highly recommend!

Rachel B.

"Extremely Responsive and Helpful!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align I used Yarddoc for a pool school to show me how to use my swimming pool correctly and Christian was great and we learned a lot. Extremely responsive and helpful with your needs to fix it at a reasonable price and not to rip you off like many others. YardDoc will always be my first stop.

Saeed A.

"These Guys are Great!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align We have been very happy with the communication and services provided by Yarddoc. These Guys are great.

John P.

"A One Stop Shop!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align For ANYTHING outside call the folks at YardDoc! They do it all from yard work, landscaping, pools, pests, poop, fencing, outdoor kitchens...you get the point. Basically a one stop shop for everything that my fiance and I get way to busy for. I highly recommend them - Adrian Fowler is such a great guy & his team is fantastic.


"They are Professional, on Time!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align I have been using YardDoc for my pool cleaning and pest services for the last 3 years. I am very happy with their services, they are professional, on time, and I appreciate the email and text updates.

Frank C.

"Excellent Work, Good Pricing!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align YardDoc does excellent work, good pricing and the owner has integrity!

Howard B.

"Awesome Group of Guys!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align These guys are great. They can do just about everything outside that you may need done. I had them come spray for pests last week. They sent me a reminder that they were coming, showed up on time, and did a quick thorough job. Awesome group of guys, highly recommend them.

Garrett K.

"100% Environmentally Friendly Solution!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align YARDDOC does the pest control for our home, including the perimeter protection and mosquito fogging, and they have been very good! They offer a 100% environmentally friendly solution and also a mosquito approach that only targets mosquitoes, so no harm to the bees or other insects. They let you know every time they service the yard, exactly what was done and their services work! I will highly recommend them to family and friends!!! Thank you YardDoc

Moran T.

"Live Up to Their Motto!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align I highly recommend Yarddoc for pest control services, and mostly any kind of work needing to be done outdoors. They are very professional and do live up to their motto. You need something done right the first time.. call yarddoc!

Travis R.

"I Trust and Recommend!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align Adrian Fowler and his team are extremely professional and responsive. One of the gentlemen on his staff, Tim did a great job sorting out a rodent problem for one of my properties. He knows his stuff and was very helpful making sure we fixed the area the rodents were getting in. The YARDDOC team is a very professional one that I trust and recommend, you should call them today! Landscaping, pest control and so much more!

Whitney K.

"Awesome Service, Pricing!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align Awesome service, pricing and they get the job done right!

Howard B.

"Great Guys, Great Work!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align Great guys, great work for landscaping, yard maintenance, irrigation etc.

Laura L.

"Efficient and Effective ... Very Professional!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align I hired YardDoc for my pest control needs. Not only are they efficient and effective in removing the bugs, the team was very professional and seamless in their ongoing communication needs. They go over and above what other service providers do to keep me informed. Additionally, they do a great job of keeping my pets safe. Highly recommended.

Deb G.

"Pool and Lawn Look Great!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align I am so pleased with the service that I receive. Not only do my pool and lawn look great, Adrian's team is great at communicating any issue that I have and they follow up very promptly. I fee like I can call YardDoc for anything from power washing to fixing my pergola and they always deliver! I definitely recommend YardDoc.

Johanna M.

"Responsive, Professional, Friendly!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align I have used YardDoc for pool and pest control services and have been very happy with their service. They are responsive, professional, friendly and do a great job!

Natalina R.

"Stellar Service!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align For me, yard and pest services really boil down to peace of mind. I simply don't want to have to think about it. Thanks so much to Yard Doc for the stellar service and for being the kind of company I an trust with my home! They competently handle their piece so I can have my peace of mind.

Ryan M.

"Many Outstanding Services ... Great Communication!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align Very professional company. They provide many outstanding services. Adrian will make sure your yard and pool is perfect. Highly recommend to anyone looking for an exceptional job. Great communication from business to client.

Christian J.

"YardDoc Team is Amazing!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align The YardDoc team is amazing! We hired them for pest control, pool maintenance and they also take care of our yards. We recommended them several times as they always do a fabulous job! They are super friendly yet professional, very responsive to all requests - we couldn't have hoped to find a better company!

Wallerspace A.

"Prompt and Thorough Service!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align I called Adrian with Yard Doc at 9am to help us with a Puss Caterpillar which is highly poisonous. We have small children so I was extremely concerned and needed help quickly. Although he was not familiar with this critter he took diligent notes and then consulted with his entomologist. I received a call back about 30 minutes later with a plan to treat our yard and by 1pm someone was at my home helping to remediate the situation. Needless to say I was extremely impressed and thankful for the prompt and thorough service we received.

Sarah S.

"Professionalism, Dependability!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align Adrian and his crew at YardDoc are one of the only Pool, Lawn and Pest Control company's I would recommend in central Texas. All of my clients and myself have been and are please with the professionalism, dependability and cost of YardDoc's services. Keep up the awesome work guys!

Melissa M.

"Clear and Concise Answers!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align Yarddoc's communication and professionalism are exceptional. It is refreshing to have clear and concise answers to sometimes complicated questions when working through real estate transactions and or home repairs.

Christopher D.

"Communication was Outstanding, Price Very Fair!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align We recently used Yard Doc for extensive tree trimming and it was great. The communication was outstanding, price very fair, and they did a great job and cleaned up very well. I'd highly recommend for any yard services!

Dan S.

"Great Service and Reasonably Priced!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align I just recently switched over to Yarddoc. They are great and did our pest control and yard with great service and reasonably priced. I thought all the pest control guys were the same but these guys were great!! Would highly recommend them.

Sami R.

"I Found a Company That Cares About my Pool, Yard, and Pest Control!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align I've been struggling with my current yard company and have found myself micro-managing them. I recently switched to YardDoc and I am so impressed with the thorough professionalism and care for my pool, yard, and pest control. The communication of the YardDoc team is top notch as well. Now I truly feel that I found a company that cares about my yard, pest, and pool as much as I do. Thank you!

Courtney M.

"Best Pool Service Ever!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align Appreciate all you guys did. Best pool service ever!!!!

Astrid S.

"Very Proactive!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align These guys are very proactive. I had a pest problem. They took care of it efficiently and quite affordably. We are currently scheduling a sizable landscaping project for mid January. I’m very happy to have these guys as my go to company. Thank you for service.

Lucky S.

"Live Up to Their Motto of Professional Service!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align I have used Yarddoc for pest control services and they are very good and do live up to their motto of professional service!

Minisha M.

"No Pest Issues Anymore!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align We have no pest issues anymore thanks to their ongoing services and advice. Do like their greener approach to managing pests.

Liam F.

"Very Happy With Their Services!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align I use Yarddoc for pest control and landscape services and I am very happy with their services. Adiran is great and his guys show up on time!

Annmarie H.

"Great Job, Good Communication and Good Execution!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align I used YardDoc for pest control services, to get rid of rodents and they did a great job, good communication and good execution. Highly recommend them.

Jared A.

"Great for Pest Control!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align YARDDOC are great for pest control, they deliver on their promise!

Stephanie P.

"I Highly Recommend YardDoc!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align I highly recommend Yarddoc! They have installed an in-line chlorinator and replaced four valves on my pool, and have also helped with various useful suggestions on maintaining our pool clean and safe. Again, highly recommended!

Francesco M.

"Best Pool Service Guys!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align These are the best pool service guys around, they do a great job and send an email after every service detailing the status of the pool and what was done. They are also great on pest control, applying the same professional approach.

Martin L.

"YardDoc Handles Everything at a Reasonable Price!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align Adrian and YardDoc are a one-stop shop for handing everything outside your home. From remodeling the patio to lawn maintenance to pest control, YardDoc handles everything at a reasonable price with excellent customer service.

Todd W.

"Definitely Recommend!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align Great service and very professional. I would definitely recommend them. I originally hired them for lawn maintenance, but brought them back to start doing pool service as well.

Keith P.

"Super Experience ... Always Very Professional!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align I hired YardDoc to power wash a travertine pool deck that had been poorly sealed after installation a year ago. The guy that did the power washing was fantastic. He had to be very careful since the stone is rather soft and the grout was not done properly. This was a 2-3 day job and the owner called to update me on the progress each evening. They could not have been more professional in all regards. Super experience! Just an update, I have hired Yarddoc for myself and referred Yarddoc on multiple occasions for yard work, etc and they have never disappointed. The owner, Adrian Fowler, is a pleasure to work with and the service and follow up is always very professional.

Todd S.

"Knowledgeable, Professional, and Responsive!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align Extremely knowledgeable, professional, and responsive. I would highly recommend YardDoc.

Marvin E.

"Recommend them for Landscape Services!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align I had a great experience with Yarddoc and would happily recommend them for Landscape services!

Christopher G.

"YardDoc will get my Business!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align I just had my first service call with Yarddoc. Not only did Yarddoc get my request on the schedule with very short notice, the crew was extremely professional. They completed the work in record time and politely let me know they were finished before taking off to the next job. Yarddoc will get my business going forward.'

Sally L.

"Very Knowledgeable and Helpful!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align I used YardDoc for landscape and pest control advice. They are very knowledgeable and helpful! Thanks, YardDoc!

Jake D.

"The Very BEST!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align PROFESSIONAL, TIMELY, COMMUNICATIVE - The Very BEST when it comes to Landscape Services! Talk to Adrian!


"Solved the Problem!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align I have used YardDoc for pest control services and they were great, solved the problem and were very professional throughout the whole process. Thanks so much!

Debbie V.

"Extremely Professional!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align Extremely professional!

Andrew R.

"Fantastic and Totally Professional Services!"

5-star-review-image-100 top align Fantastic and totally professional service. You've never experienced this with our home services.

Christopher V.