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Need a reliable yard service and home maintenance solution for your Austin Barton Creek home? How about one that does it all? The YardDoc team shows up when scheduled, does the work with care and attention, and provides outstanding results every time. You don’t need to manage multiple contractors.

There’s a lot of fun to be had in the community. You can walk the Barton Creek wilderness trail, catch a movie, or visit the local mall. But when you get home, enjoy a pest-free, swim-ready, functional and gorgeous outdoor living space in your own yard! Just give YardDoc a call and we’ll handle it all.

Professional Service. Personal Care.

Reliable, knowledgeable technicians. Responsive above-and-beyond dedication.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Enjoy peace of mind. If we make a mistake, we make it right. Let us earn your trust.

Get the Job Done Right

One-stop shop for handling everything outside your home smoothly and at a reasonable price.

Why Choose the YardDoc Austin Dream Team?

✓ Consistent Communication

You get email or text appointment reminders and an email detailing our work after each service visit.

✓ Safety

Branded vehicle tracking, uniforms, and employee background checks are a few ways we put your safety first.

✓ Comprehensively Insured

We’ve got you covered for physical and property accidents during our visits.

✓ Certifications

The team is professionally trained, certified, and experienced.

✓ Proven Reliability

Hundreds of third-party customer reviews.
A man stands in the doorway of the "YardDoc Austin TX" office building, leaning slightly against the frame. The exterior is light brown with white windows beside the entrance. A paved path leads up to the door.
A raccoon looks through the bars of a metal trap, appearing distressed. The trap sits on a dirt surface with scattered pebbles and leaves around it in a YardDoc serviced area in Austin, TX.

Organic Pest Control

It’s impossible to enjoy your yard or landscape when mosquitoes refuse to buzz off. They’re almost impossible to treat on your own.


The YardDoc In2Care mosquito trap service is so effective. Our pet-friendly bait stations will target mosquitoes without targeting beneficial insects or bringing your family into contact with harsh chemicals.


We also offer critter control and humanely relocate urban wildlife. Get rid of scorpionsrats and micemillipedessilverfishroachesspiders

termites, and more.

An elegant suburban home garden edged with a natural stone wall, featuring neatly mulched beds with vibrant plants and flowers from YardDoc Austin TX, enhancing the lush green lawn and the house's facade.

Landscaping & Tree

While you might spend most of your outdoor time enjoying the many hiking and jogging trails of Barton Creek, you also want to enjoy your own back yard. There are unique pleasures to sitting under the pergola with a cup of coffee, or inviting friends over for an afternoon BBQ in your outdoor kitchen. To do that, you’ll need an inviting, well-kept yard that puts you and your guests at ease.


YardDoc makes it happen. Our full service landscaping services include designmulchingtree trimming, plantings, pathways and paversartificial grass and more to help you maintain a landscape worthy of your home.


We make front yard curb appeal and a backyard oasis easy and within your reach.

A young girl in a white dress shares an ice cream cone with a brown and tan dog in a sunny park, surrounded by trees and people near YardDoc Austin TX.

Lawn Care

Most neighborhoods in Barton Creek have HOAs with strict requirements. Many homes have expansive lawns that need a great deal of care. Between the two, lawn care becomes an unpleasant and difficult task to manage.


Get your weekends back! We start with adding turf that’s native to Central Texas and which requires less watering and irrigation. We also mow, aerate, trim, fertilizecontrol weeds, get rid of lawn grubs, and more. With our help, you’ll avoid dead, dry patches of grass, use less water, and enjoy a beautiful lawn all year round.

A young child joyfully jumps towards a smiling adult in a sunlit swimming pool at YardDoc Austin TX, with clear blue water and poolside loungers in the background.

Pool Service

You should be able to swim in your pool the moment the whim strikes you. And never have to worry about whether it’s clean enough or chemically balanced.


YardDoc ensures your inground pool is swim-ready. Our pool service tracks the chemical balance through custom software so it is always precise. We also provide periodic filter cleaningspool repair, and pool renovation services.

Constructing a small wooden building with an unfinished roof and exposed beams, featuring a single window and surrounded by trees in YardDoc Austin TX.

Handyman Services

Care for every corner of your property without lifting a finger. You don’t have to call dozens of contractors!


We repair concrete, install mailboxes, remodel kitchens and baths, paint porches and build gazebos! Our handyman can clean your gutterspower wash your home, sidewalk, or driveway, repair drywall, and knock out that honey do list in no time.


In fact, we handle just about any task that doesn’t require a plumber or an electrician, which means you no longer have to think about who to call for minor tasks.

A quaint wooden gazebo adorned with Christmas lights and decorations, next to a large, brightly lit Christmas tree, set in a nostalgic village scene at night in Austin, TX.

Holiday Light Installation

Holiday home light displays are a lot of fun, but not when you’re the one up on the ladder. Every year, you go through the hassle of untangling lights, checking lights, and stringing lights. A few weeks later, you’re back up there, taking it all down and trying to store it neatly for next year.


Call YardDoc instead! Our team will design a fresh new holiday light display that looks fantastic with your home and landscape. We’ll handle the installation and removal of the lights, and store them for you, too. Bonus: we use LED energy-efficient lighting to save you money and protect the environment!

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