Leander Pool
Cleaning & Maintenance Service

Having a pool should enhance your life – not bog you down with extra chores and stressful maintenance. YardDoc offers full-service pool cleaning and customized maintenance solutions so you have more time to take full advantage of Leander pool weather.

Health and Safety

Water quality is important to Leander residents. So much that people run scams to sell filtration systems for drinking water. Don’t fall for scams. Make sure you are dealing with a professional, and make sure have a well-maintained pool and poolwater.

Proper pool maintenance allows for maximum enjoyment for the occupants. Pool owners have a responsibility to maintain the integrity of their pool, so they don’t become a health and safety nuisance.

Pools and spas that are neglected fill with algae, insects, and bacteria rendering them a health hazard. Mosquitoes breed in a half-inch of standing water. Ponds and puddles around your pool can quickly become home to millions of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes host and spread West-Nile virus, so a neglected pool or spa is an active threat to public health.

Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

Let our team of Certified Pool Operators take care of your pool. Whether you have a commercial pool or a tiny splash pool we know every pool is different and we know how best to maintain yours.

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YardDoc’s highly trained staff uses the right systems, equipment and our extensive knowledge to ensure that your pool is well maintained.

Our team is certified or in the process of being certified to ensure we have the knowledge to maintain your pool. We use our own software systems to track the chemical statistics of your pool continuously throughout the year so we learn over time the best chemistry for your particular pool, taking account of fill water, surface materials and the particular environmental conditions your pool experiences.

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Custom Pool Cleaning and
Maintenance Services in Leander

YardDoc employs a custom solution rather than a one-size-fits all approach to pool services. We respect the unique qualities and needs of your pool or spa.

The certification of our expert staff, along with access to state-of-the art equipment and solutions, empowers them to safely maintain your pool or spa throughout the year.

We utilize custom software solutions to track the chemical properties of the pool. Analysis of this data helps us learn your pool’s unique chemistry needs while factoring in the surface materials, environmental conditions, and fill water.

Industry guidelines regarding pool water balance are adhered to while learning the needs of your pool through analysis of its unique chemical makeup.

YardDoc’s routine maintenance service includes necessities such as skimming the water’s surface to remove insects and leaves, and brushing sediment from the side walls to prevent build-up and damage. Vacuuming the water and cleaning skimmers along with other incidental maintenance is performed as needed.

Filtration system cleaning

Filtration equipment is damaged when pools are inadequately maintained and that leads to expensive repairs or equipment replacement. Protecting you investment with regularly scheduled professional cleaning and maintenance service is a much better idea!

The health and safety of swimmers along with the hygiene of the pool, rely on the proper function of the filtration system. It’s essential to the optimal performance of the equipment to perform seasonal cleanings. YardDoc adheres to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule for deep-cleaning to maintain the integrity of the equipment and protect your investment.

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Pool and Spa Repair Services

No one wants to deal with broken equipment. Even under ideal circumstances, however, pool equipment can malfunction. Take the stress out of the situation by having YardDoc’s expert technicians take over. Our team is prepared to diagnose and repair pumps, heaters, and filters when needed. Prompt repair is important to minimize further damage and to get you back to enjoying the luxury of owning a pool!

Remodel and Revitalize

YardDoc can handle everything from a small plaster repair to a complete remodel of your pool. Our technical expertise coupled with creative design service is a complete solution to upgrading the aesthetics of your pool or spa. Is an updated, modern pool your style?

Or, do you prefer that we bring the charm of Leander’s rich history to your property with a vintage makeover? Bringing your vision to life is our goal.

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Please give us a call to set up a free consultation for your pool cleaning and maintenance needs. We guarantee you will be happy with our service!


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Combine Your Services

YardDoc does more than maintain your pool. Consider packaging your existing plan with one or more of the other services we offer for your home and yard.

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