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February 2022 Seasonal Offers!

Thank you for entrusting us with your business!

Pulling weeds is back breaking work. YardDoc manages the weeds for you.


25% OFF the first treatment!

If you really want to improve your lawn, please ask about our ANNUAL LAWN CARE PROGRAM – including two pre-emergent weed treatments Spring and Fall, and a further four fertilizations and spot weed treatments over the growing season.

Pest Control Mosquito Trap System - In2Care - Austin TX - YardDoc

Don’t want mosquitoes?

It's best to start baiting at the start of the mosquito season before you have a problem!

Mosquito baiting in the most effective and most environmentally-conscience mosquito management system available. We will be starting mosquito services in March.

Winter Freeze Tips

  • If your water pipes and taps are exposed to the cold, let your taps drip very slightly. This allows warmer water to move through your pipes and helps to resist a burst if the water freezes.
  • Don't have a functional freeze guard on your pool? Then set your timers to start at 4am through the coldest part of winter. On the night of a freeze, set your pool equipment to run through the night.
  • We can install a freeze sensor for your irrigation system to help save your plants. It also potentially protects anyone from slipping and falling on ice caused by a system operating during a freeze.

From Pest Control, Pool Services, Handyman Services, Landscape Maintenance and Installations, Tree Trimming, Irrigation Repairs, Outdoor Lighting, Holiday Lighting, Rock Work, or Power Washing, we're here to help!

If there is anything further that you would like us to attend to on your property, or if there is any area where you feel we should improve on our service, please let us know!

Additionally, if you are so kind as to recommend our services and we sign up a new customer, we give you an equivalent MONTH's FREE SERVICE!


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