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Want to Spend More Time in the Backyard this Summer?

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May-June Yard Service Special

20% off fire ant treatments.
Get up to a year's protection from fire ants!

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1. Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Mosquito season is in full force from March through October!

Our biological baiting system works better than fogging/misting and, more importantly, it only kills mosquitoes. Not bees or other beneficial insects.

Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, this is the most effective mosquito solution on the market!

Learn what attracts mosquitoes.

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2. Prevent Termite Damage

  • Seal any gaps or cracks around your home.
  • Fix minor leaks/drips right away to avoid moist or rotting wood.
  • Cut down/remove tree branches that touch your roof or exterior.
  • Keep your attic or crawl space well ventilated and free of clutter.
  • Maintain a 6" clearance between the siding and grade (soil or mulch).
  • Watch for signs of termites around your property.
  • Get more details on our termite treatment services.

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    3. Keep Your Lawn Healthy and Pest-free

    Our lawn care program boosts the health of your lawn and manages weeds and insects.

    You get six treatments over the course of the growing season for a healthy lawn, including pre-emergent weed treatments, post emergent spot weed treatments, fertilizations, and lawn grub control.

    We offer many lawn care services from mulching, edging, and aeration to tree trimming and sprinkler repair.

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    4. Manage Your Irrigation for Proper Water Usage

    Watering needs vary depending on temperature and rainfall. Generally - run pray zones for 10 to 15 minutes and rotors 30 to 45 minutes.

    To get an accurate measure of how long for your particular system - place an empty cat food tin on the ground in the zone, and see how long it takes to fill it to 0.25" - that is how long you should run that irrigation zone.

    Get more water conservation tips.

    5. Get Budget-friendly Landscape Lighting

    Let YardDoc illuminate your yard so you can enjoy it in the evenings. We have low-energy lighting options that are environmentally sensitive.

    Whether you need landscape lighting repairs, additions, or new installs, we have a range of energy efficient lighting options to choose from.

    Benefits include safety and security, curb appeal and added home value, and a beautiful setting for relaxation. Ask about our landscape lighting service for dark sky environments.

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    6. Maintain Your Pool for Swimmers all Season

    You'll want regular pool cleaning, maintenance, and algae prevention.

    With the hot weather and occasional rain storms, now is a good time to increase your pool filtration run times to at least 12 hours per day.

    Is your pool losing water faster than usual? The first thing we check is water chemistry – this shows us if it’s a leak or just evaporation. If there is a leak, we have pool leak detection equipment that tests line pressure, and uses cameras and sound machines. We will find and repair the exact location of the leak.

    Everything On Your Yard's Wish List

    Let us know what we can do to help you take care of everything outside, or tell us how we can improve our yard services. And if you are so kind as to recommend our services, and we sign up a new customer, we give you an equivalent MONTH'S FREE SERVICE!