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November-December Yard Service Specials

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15% Off Any Tree Trimming Jobs Booked for the Month of December!

This is a safe time of year to get your trees trimmed and cleaned up. Please remember that from February 1st to June 1st, trimming of Live Oaks is not recommended due to the heightened risk of Oak Wilt!

Fall is the best time to plant trees as the approaching moderate weather allows the tree time to establish its roots before the summer heat.

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Mulching - Landscaping Services - Austin TX
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15% off Landscaping Installs During December!

Now is a good time to plant some Winter color. If you want to keep color in your garden over the colder months, then let us help design a solution for you!

Your plants also feel the cold!
Now is a good time to mulch your plants to help protect their root systems from the freezing conditions and then nourish them in the Spring.

Our customized formulas will get rid of all weed types, covering grassy and broadleaf weeds and sedges.

We can do pre-emergent weed treatments, spot treatments as needed, or for the best solution please ask about our Lawn Care Program that boosts the health of your lawn and manages weeds over the course of the year.

Let us get your landscape illuminated so you can enjoy it at night. Our low energy lighting options let you enjoy the night and be environmentally sensitive.

Whether you need repairs, additions or new installs, we have a range of energy efficient lighting options that we can assist with.

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25% of the proceeds from any critter relocation done during November will go to Austin Wildlife Rescue!

We have, on occasion, had to relocate critters that are not able to care for themselves any longer, and Austin Wildlife Rescue has taken them in - so we really appreciate them!

Strange Noises in the Attic?

As the temperatures drop, some unwelcome critters and insects will seek warmer shelter, with your living spaces becoming more attractive. We can help make your property less attractive to raccoons, rats, squirrels, scorpions, roaches and other uninvited guests that typically come visiting this time of year.

If you need a hand with human wildlife removal or pest control, please let us know.

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Irrigation Run Times

Reduce irrigation run times to winter mode at this stage, and always only operating in the mornings. Over the winter, watering frequency can be reduced considerably, down to once a month depending on rainfall and existing plant types.

Remember, it is best to water for longer periods less frequently, also only water early mornings, not evenings. Now would be a good time to install freeze protection on your irrigation system if you don’t have that already. 

Get more details on our irrigation system management services.

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It's Going to Get Cold!

Better to be prepared! If your water pipes and taps aren’t insulated, then let your taps drip very slightly. This allows warmer water to move through your pipes and resist a freeze, and if its cold enough, it can help resist a burst when the water freezes.

If you don't have a functional freeze guard on your pool, then set your timers to start at 4am through the coldest part of winter. On the night of a freeze, set your pool equipment to run through the night. If you don’t have a freeze guard on your irrigation system, then turn this off to stop ice forming on your plants and also creating a slip hazard.

Let us know and we can install freeze guards for your pool or irrigation systems. We can also assist with covering plants and faucets for frost protection.

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Light Up Your Holidays!

Let us help with your holiday lighting for the coming festive season. We offer attractive and low energy LED lighting.

YardDoc can manage the whole process for you-planning, installing, removing and storing.

The most common holiday light installations are on house trim, gutters, edges, and trees. We also light up wreaths, shrubs, pillars, and pathways. Let us know what you have in mind.

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Handyman Help

Got a honey-do list? We can help!

From honey-do lists through major remodels. Painting, Tiling, Sheet Rock, Flooring, Decks, Stonework, Fences... we have the team to help!

Learn more about our handyman services and browse our project gallery.

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Winter Pool Maintenance

  • Save Your Pool from a Freeze!
    Now would be a good time to test your pool system freeze protection. If all your pool equipment turns on automatically when temperatures get close to freezing, then your system is probably working as designed and this will reduce the likelihood of burst pipes or equipment damage due to freezing.

  • Leaves will Fall!
    There will be a lot of leaves in pools over the next while. To avoid basket and pump damage, we suggest cleaning these out daily or as needed. Be sure to pay attention to the cleaning of your pool skimmer baskets when the leaves come down! Daily cleaning will help prevent clogged baskets starving the pool motors of water, which causes overheating and equipment damage.

  • Pool filtration run times can be reduced to 8hrs per day.
    Once the average water temperature drops below 65 degrees, we recommend using liquid chlorine, which we do for pools we manage. This will help reduce stabilizer levels in the pool that builds up over the year with the use of chlorine tablets.

Pool Services

Everything On Your Yard's Wish List

Let us know what we can do to help you take care of everything outside, or tell us how we can improve our yard service.

And if you are so kind as to recommend our services, and we sign up a new customer, we give you an equivalent MONTH'S FREE SERVICE!

If you REFER SOMEONE who does a project with us, then you will get a 10% OFF COUPON that can be used with your next quote! This could be a one-off Pest Control, Landscaping, Pool or Handyman project.