September-October Yard Service Specials in Austin, TX

Lawn & Irrigation


Seasonal Lawn Care

Want the best lawn on your street? Our program boosts the health of your lawn and manages weeds and insects with six treatments over the course of the growing season treating various aspects required for a healthy lawn, including pre-emergent weed treatments, post emergent spot weed treatments, fertilizations and insect/grub control. We will make your lawn special!

The best advice for managing weeds? During late Winter and during Fall, depending on soil temperatures, we recommend doing pre-emergent weed treatments. This is the most effective way to manage weeds over the medium term, and the most cost effective form of treatment! Pre-emergent weed treatments stop weed seeds from germinating. Our Lawn Care Program combines pre-emergent treatments with post emergent spot weed treatments, fertilizations and insect treatments, let us know if you want more information.

Yellowing or dying lawn? Warm wet evenings and mornings are ideal conditions for fungus to develop in your lawn. Avoid watering at night to help prevent this. Watering less frequently and only in the early mornings is best. If you are already seeing yellowing or browning patches in your lawn this may be a sign of fungus. Let us know and one of our pest technicians can help get this cleared up.

Dead or yellowing patches in your lawn & the dead grass peeling off like a carpet? Critters digging up your lawn? Could be grub worms! Any time you see evidence of grubs – get them treated right away or over time they will destroy your lawn. We have 100% natural and pesticide solutions that can get this under control!

Pest & Critter Control

Termite Treatment

Don't Want Termites? These Steps Will Help:

  • Ensuring that you have a 6” clearance between your home’s siding and grade (soil or mulch).
  • Sealing any gaps or cracks around your home.
  • Fixing minor leaks / drips right away to avoid having moist wood in your structure.
  • Cutting down and removing tree branches that touch your roof or exterior siding.
  • Keeping your attic or crawlspace well ventilated and free of wood / cardboard


Get more details on our termite treatment services.


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Critter Control

Don’t want critters in your attic?! Keeping trees cut back 4 to 5 feet from your roof is the first step we recommend for keeping unwanted critters out of your attic. Check this at least annually and let us know if we can help. Get more info about tree trimming.

We can handle any critter! We are experienced in humanely capturing and releasing wildlife that you would rather didn’t stick around, like skunks, raccoons, possums, Armadillos, and more… we can help!


Handyman Help

Is there a honey-do project hanging over your head? Let us get that sorted! From small jobs to larger projects our HANDYMAN team is ready to help with holiday lightingpaintingfencinggutters, remodeling, and much more! Browse our handyman project gallery and find out how YardDoc can help you finish those handyman projects!

Pool Services

Enjoy Your Pool This Fall

  • Think your pool has a leak? Spring and Autumn typically experience the highest evaporation rates from your pool, and many people worry they need pool leak detection. This is probably just peak evaporation.
  • Want warmer water and less evaporation losses? Ask us about the liquid cover we can add to your water which keeps it warmer, reduces evaporation, and is safe for kids and animals. If you actually have a leak, we can help with that, too!
  • Pool Equipment Check. Let our trained technicians check that your pool heater is cleaned out and functioning before you need it. A pool heater is one of the most complex and dangerous components of pool equipment and it is a good practice to check this annually. If you have trees overhead, then your heater vents should be cleaned of leaves before it is fired up.


You’ll want YardDoc’s regular pool cleaningmaintenance, and algae prevention.


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Everything On Your Yard's Wish List

Let us know what we can do to help you take care of everything outside, or tell us how we can improve our yard services.


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