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November-December Yard Service Special Offers in Austin, TX

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Tree Trimming Jobs

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Landscaping Installs

November-December Yard Service Specials

A man wearing a helmet and harness trims branches from a tree, using a saw while secured with ropes among the green leaves for YardDoc in Austin, TX.

15% Off Any Tree Trimming Jobs Booked for the Month of December!

This is a safe time of year to get your trees trimmed and cleaned up. Please remember that from February 1st to June 1st, trimming of Live Oaks is not recommended due to the heightened risk of Oak Wilt!


Fall is the best time to plant trees as the approaching moderate weather allows the tree time to establish its roots before the summer heat.

A beautifully landscaped YardDoc Austin TX front yard with lush greenery, vibrant red and yellow flowers, and neatly arranged stones in front of a house with stone exteriors.

15% off Landscaping Installs During December!

Now is a good time to plant some Winter color. If you want to keep color in your garden over the colder months, then let us help design a solution for you!


Your plants also feel the cold!
Now is a good time to mulch your plants to help protect their root systems from the freezing conditions and then nourish them in the Spring.


Our customized formulas will get rid of all weed types, covering grassy and broadleaf weeds and sedges.


We can do pre-emergent weed treatments, spot treatments as needed, or for the best solution please ask about our Lawn Care Program that boosts the health of your lawn and manages weeds over the course of the year.


Let us get your landscape illuminated so you can enjoy it at night. Our low energy lighting options let you enjoy the night and be environmentally sensitive.


Whether you need repairs, additions or new installs, we have a range of energy efficient lighting options that we can assist with.

Everything On Your Yard's Wish List

Let us know what we can do to help you take care of everything outside, or tell us how we can improve our yard services. And if you are so kind as to recommend our services, and we sign up a new customer, we give you an equivalent MONTH’S FREE SERVICE! If you REFER SOMEONE who does a project with us then you will get a 10% OFF COUPON that can be used with your next quote! This could be a one-off Pest Control, Landscaping, Pool or Handyman project. See all Yard Service Specials.
Two lounge chairs next to a curved pool surrounded by lush greenery and palm trees in YardDoc Austin TX, with a rocky formation and clear blue sky in the background.

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